PHOTO Maci Bookout’s book Bulletproof now available for pre-order

Maci Bookout Bulletproof book cover

It’s been rumored for years that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout was working on a book, but now it’s official! Bulletproof is due out July 21 and is described by the publisher as “the true story of how she took charge of the unexpected to build a life for herself and her son Bentley, and managed not to go crazy in the process.”

Here is the full description:

Maci Bookout was just a normal, slightly overachieving high school girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But then she got pregnant, and everything turned upside down. Even as she rose to fame on MTV’s hit series Teen Mom, Maci was struggling to balance life as a single teen mom with her own hopes and dreams…all while honoring her own sense of independence.

This is the true story of how she took charge of the unexpected to build a life for herself and her son Bentley, and managed not to go crazy in the process. Because sometimes growing up is an act of will…and Maci’s will is bulletproof.

And the publisher’s “About the Author:”

Maci Bookout starred on the MTV reality TV show 16 and Pregnant and went on to become a fan favorite on the spin-off, Teen Mom. Known for her down-to-earth Southern charm and level-headed personality, Maci has earned the respect of teens and adults alike with her courage under pressure and her mature reflections on teen pregnancy and motherhood.

Maci excitedly shared the announcement by tweeting a link and writing, “It’s finally here! Be sure to pre-order a copy of my new book today!”

As mentioned above, a potential Maci Bookout book has been rumored for years. Back in 2012 the project had an unfortunate setback when Maci’s laptop was stolen while on a Spring Break trip to Daytona, Florida. “Whoever stole my macbook … u can keep it,” Maci tweeted, “just please email me my writing folder… oh and after that i hope u get ur hands chopped off.”

Maci talked at length about the book on DJ Malone’s Blogtalk radio program in May of 2013:

The book is a memoir on my life, basically from the time I was 15, before I even met Ryan, my baby’s dad, and it goes on into the years of Bentley being three and four. It’s kind of like everything that everyone saw from the time I was on ’16 and Pregnant’ until ‘Teen Mom’ ended. It’s all of my experiences and everything that I went through from my mind and my point of view, rather than what people may have taken away from seeing it through a camera or seeing it through a TV show.

On the show, I’m very well put together and I’m not a very emotional person and I don’t really talk about my feelings much, and in this book I feel like everyone is going to be able to see, not the weaker side of me, but just me like very raw, what I was thinking the whole time. I’m really nervous, because I don’t usually share my inner-most feelings and I never let people read my poetry or my writing and this is going to be the first time that everyone does. I’m really putting it all out there and I’m really exciting to see what people think of it.

(H/T: The Ashley’s Reality Roundup)

It’s unclear how much the book has changed since Maci’s comments two years ago. I guess we will know in just a couple months! Pre-order your copy from Amazon now!


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