Farrah Abraham launches Farrah’s Friends Live adult web cam website

Farrah Abraham web cam website Farrah's Friends Live ad

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham continues to try to distance herself from the sex industry while at the same time fervently embracing the sex industry. The Teen Momtrepreneur’s latest business venture is a brand new adult web cam site called Farrah’s Friends Live, which is billed as “the first celebrity owned web cam model website that makes web cams more mainstream.”

Here’s a description from the website:

Farrah’s Friends Live live webcam sex is a high quality live webcam experience. Chat with all of our models online 1-on-1 and turn on your webcam for a private experience. Get these models naked and have fun with all of our sexy girls from around the globe. We know you will enjoy your private show and hope to see you come back and continue to have fun with our sexy live cam models.

The first advertisement for the new website (above — sans the “back door” censorship) features a bootyful photo of Farrah with the words “Farrah, hook me up with some of your friends!” The website officially launches (I will refrain from using the term “hard open”) on October 24. Here is one of the promotional posters for opening week highlighting “Maid Monday” and promising “six free treats:”

Farrah's Friends Live Maid Monday

I feel I should point out that the site offers women AND men in a variety of categories that includes, but is not limited to:

Ana| Sex
College Girls
Foot Fetish
Muscle Chicks

Interestingly, there is also a “Celebrity” category. Hmmmmm…

According to the Terms & Conditions, here is the pricing:

Credit Packages – On initial credit purchase you have the following options to choose from:

Platinum Membership $39.95 / 45 Credits (recurs every 30 days until cancelled)
Gold Membership $29.95 / 30 Credits (recurs every 30 days until cancelled)
Silver Membership $24.95 / 25 Credits (recurs every 30 days until cancelled)
Basic Membership $29.95 / 30 Credits (non-recurring)

Non-credit Purchase:

Show Ticket $8.95 / Good for one viewing

The business venture doesn’t appear to be something that has been in the works for a long time (the website was registered less than two weeks ago), which has me wondering if this wasn’t the product of Farrah’s newfound friendship with p0rn veteran Jenna Jameson in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Jenna certainly had the connections to make something like this happen in a hurry! She also would seemingly have a better chance of roping in a “celebrity” or two from the adu|t film industry to participate.

I suppose I can’t end this post without pointing out the obvious irony of a “Farrah’s Friends Live” website when Farrah has notoriously had a great amount of difficulty keeping friends — something even she admitted to Dr. Jenn on Couples Therapy.

* Our apologies for not linking to the actual site. Our advertisers don’t allow us to link to adu|t content. I’m sure you can figure it out thought. 😉

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