Farrah Abraham filming 2 shows airing in spring plus ‘a few other shows’ says her dad

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Official news of Farrah Abraham’s return to MTV’s Teen Mom came as a huge surprise to most fans, but her dad Michael Abraham had been hinting at it since early January when he revealed on Facebook that he, Farrah, Farrah’s daughter Sophia, and mother Debra Danielsen were filming in Austin.

“It’s a great Monday … Fog and all in Austin, TX!!!” Mike wrote, and then he added, “A few meetings and yes ‘working’ with my girls and Debra. It will be a happy surprise for our fans and a joke on all our ‘haters’ ….. Stay tuned ….. Lol!” As you might imagine, the tease inspired quite a few questions from commenters, and Mike returned with a hint. “Ah the surprise …. Stay tuned to what the other original teen moms are doing ….. Or saying lol!”

One commenter pointed out that he had heard the other cast members of Teen Mom were not comfortable having her back on the show because she made a sex tape, at which point Mike got a bit defensive:

The other teen moms are not perfect. Currently one just had a child out of wedlock … Another just got pregnant with a boy friend out of wedlock… There is nothing illegal doing [an] adult video and Farrah is NOT filming any more. Farrah [is] not perfect but she is a successful business woman and as another woman you ( or any one else) should take their judgmental opinion and not worry if some other people want to watch the show.

The commenter apologized and explained, “I was not trying to make anyone upset, I was just saying what I heard on a Teen Mom special from the other girls. I don’t know what’s going on with everyone as I’m out of the loop.” He then praises Farrah, saying she “has come a long way since Teen Mom, and I’m excited to see whatever is it that’s being filmed currently.”

Mike realized at this point that he was being perhaps a bit too defensive and responded with an apology. “Sorry about jumping down your throat so to speak… I’m glad you wish to see what is being filmed and I should have been more kind to you in my response,” he wrote.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham dad Michael Abraham mom Debra Danielsen daughter Sophia family photo The Test

Mike continued to converse with commenters, addressing their criticisms of his daughter, and at one point he mentions that they are actually filming “two up coming shows that will be aired this Spring” and that there are “a few other shows we are working on!” Here’s the conversation, which also includes Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen at the end:

COMMENTER: Who cares what the other teen moms think. I want to know what you and Debra REALLY think. The video and bulls**t story about it being “leaked” was one thing. The molds, the blow up doll and stripping is another. That’s not business. That’s selling herself. Surely you don’t feel comfortable and pat her on the back for having her vagina on show for the world? Come on. Be real.

MIKE: [Commenter’s name] to find out what Debra and I think about Farrah’s business ventures (and yes they are business) you will have to check out two up coming shows that will be aired this Spring… And a few other shows we are working on. But I’ll share this FACT with you …. Legally Farrah has NOT sold her body…. Yes you have your right to your opinion but your wrong. Honestly I can’t wait for you to see how I feel about this topic… You and the world will have to stay tuned and I hope you do!

COMMENTER 2: [First commenter’s name] mind your business…I’m sure your just sooo perfect aren’t you. She found a way to get that easy money…no need to judge her…her daughter is well taken care of now for life…I cant think of a reason to hate on that…as a parent I would do anything to set my kids for life…don’t matter what it is.

MIKE: [Commenter 2’s name] thank you for your support regarding supporting her child but I’ll share this with you ” it’s not easy money” the time spent, travel, business management etc. that Farrah puts in is like 12 hours a day working on her projects and education. But she is also able to take time off most parents can’t to be with Sophia during the week etc. Take care.

DEBRA: I am proud of my daughter and family. Farrah is a business woman who works some days 12 to 14 hours. She isn’t out of control or doing crazy things, rather she is contributing to the new economy.

One rumored project that Farrah may be filming is something to do with selling her Austin home, which she put on the market last year. Farrah tweeted some photos from the recent Flipping Formula Investment Summit in Las Vegas posing with Property Wars‘ Doug Hopkins, Flip Bank Live‘s Mike Baird & Greg Herlean, Flipping Boston‘s Dave Seymour, and Shark Tank investor Daymond John:

So could it be that Farrah worked her real estate connections (courtesy of her new San Diego based real estate broker beau Simon Saran) to score an appearance on some sort of house flipping reality show documenting her attempt to sell her home? Or could it be that Simon and Farrah are going to start flipping properties themselves fro an entirely new show?!? I suppose we will have to wait and see. And speaking of waiting and seeing, there still has been no announcement from MTV as to when the original Teen Mom series will be returning. It is rumored that Farrah’s late return has pushed back the premiere date.

Oh, and let’s not forget Farrah Abraham’s big screen debut in the slasher film Axeman II: Overkill, due out in theaters (a couple at least) in March. It looks like another busy year for America’s most infamous Teen Momtrepreneur!

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