1ST PHOTOS Kristina Anderson and Gary Shirley’s baby daughter

Gary Shirley's second daughter Emilee with sister Leah

We shared the news late Thursday night that Teen Mom star Gary Shirley is a dad again after his girlfriend Kristina Anderson gave birth to a baby girl, and now we have the first photo — and a name!

Gary tweeted the photo above of his and Amber Portwood’s daughter Leah holding her little sister and he captioned it, “20 min after she was born! My sweet sweet Lil Emilee!”

So there you have it — Gary Shirley’s new daughter’s name is Emilee!

Congratulations again to Gary and Kristina! Oh, and big sis Leah! We just hope those pesky MTV cameras were there to capture the whole thing. 🙂

Oh, and thanks to Gary for sharing the photo.

UPDATE – Gary has just shared a LOT more photos of not only Emilee, but mom Kristina! “Meet miss Emilee Grace Shirley,” Gary tweeted along with the gallery of four photos below. “She’s 7lbs 11.4oz! 1 of Gods blessings 2 Kristina & I love u Kristina more than u knw.”

Gary Shirley's daughter Emilee

Gary Shirley second daughter Emilee

Gary Shirley's daughter Emilee with mom Kristina

Gary Shirley and daughter Emilee

After posting those photos, Gary shared a picture of mom Kristina and Emilee together and wrote this touching message: “I have gotten lucky with having beautiful kids, beautiful girl, and beautiful friends! Thank every 1 whose in it!”

Gary Shirley daughter Emilee and mom Kristina together

UPDATE – And a long message from the Gare Bear on Facebook with more great pictures:

Spending time with my lovely family and the newest of them all! I love my beautiful daughter

Emilee Grace Shirley
She is so perfect in every way she’s is a healthy 7lb 11.4oz baby girl
She has full head of hair and was born April 30 2015

I love the wonderful woman who gave her to me and put her body through many changes including an Emergency C Section! Kristina you are more beautiful to me now than ever! God has a path for us all and I’m so glad he put you in my life! Leah and are better to have you! You truly are my Mrs. Wonderful

I know you tell me all the time how blessed you are to have me, but it truly is backwards I’m blessed to have you. cant wait till we have our new house together! All the pieces fall into the right place! Thank you Kristina!

Gary Shirley 2nd daughter Emilee Shirley

Emilee Shirley newborn photo

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