VIDEO Gary Shirley sings a song for best bud Evan Parker

Teen Mom's Gary Shirley singing and playing guitar

If you’re an It’s Gary Timer then you know the portly bearded Teen Mom star has quite the bromance going with best bud Evan Parker. Earlier today Gary decided to take their HElationship to a whole new level by recording a song expressing his love for Evan and sharing it on Facebook!

Here’s Gary’s heartfelt intro, followed by a photo of Gary and Evan together, and then the lyrics:

Yo! This is me, my guitar, and I’m going to sing a song for you, Evan, my heart, because you’ve never left me by my side. I’m singing a song because you’re my number one, you know? And I should be your number one. I feel like without you I’m nothing. I feel like you’re my all. You’ve been such a great friend, been such a good person, and you’ve been a great lover, and I want the world to know. I’m gonna sing, from my heart to you. [crying] Ok?

Gary Shirley and best pal Evan Parker

You’re my best buddy
been here for a year and a half
When we met
you carried my jacket for two hours

Then we met
you changed my life forever
You’re my buddy
I’m your friend
I love you to the end

And I want you to know
I’m not letting go
Claire thinks she can have you
but guess what?
I’ma grab you

You can say
I won’t let you go
Evan you’re my love
and I want it to grow
Don’t say goodbye to me
because I love thee

I will not say good-bye to you
But I hate your f***ing car it’s so damn small
It’s the size of a peanut with wheels
It’s like a crayon stuck on Cheerios
I hate the son of a gun it’s too small
I’m never riding in it again
It can be your focus
but I’ll be your king

I love you Evan
This is my heart melody

Evan, don’t ever leave me

As a tribute to Gary’s love for Evan we put our best Photoshop artists to work on a visual masterpiece that we hope measures up to the audio artistry of Gary’s bro ode:

Evan Parker and Teen Mom star Gary Shirley
(Can you say Clairey Shirley?)

In the end there’s only one way to sum up the kind of love Gary Shirley has for his bff…


Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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