Farrah Abraham calls former manager a “lying b***h,” says she’s dating 3 businessmen, offers parenting advice, etc

Farrah Abraham says The more mistakes I may make the better for my daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham seems to have a very difficult time maintaining relationships (of any kind), and the latest casualty appears to be her now former manager Gina Rodriguez of GR Media. In an interview with Fox 411 yesterday Farrah revealed that she blames her former manager (she doesn’t mention Gina by name) for spreading reports that Farrah was essentially rushed out of her alcohol treatment program in Florida last week due to “disruptive” behavior.

FOX411: What really happened [when you reportedly got kicked out of a Miami rehab facility]

Farrah Abraham: My old manager, who is a lying b**ch, said I was disruptive. I never said that. OK! Magazine this week has a huge exclusive. I completed that whole 60 hour thing and now I’m on probation.

Here is a photo of Farrah Abraham and Gina Rodriguez from happier times:

Farrah Abraham and former manager Gina Rodriguez

Coincidentally (or actually, more than likely not), one of the “disruptive” things Farrah was accused of was trying to take photos of another TMZ favorite, “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil, who just so happened to be in the same facility at the same time, and who also just so happens to be a client of Gina Rodriguez. (Gina’s roster of talent includes a who’s who of headline friendly celebs like Michael Lohan, Dina Lohan, Angelina Pivarnick, Pia Rizza, and Joey Buttafuoco.)

Wetpaint reached out to Gina for comment, but all she would do is confirm that “she quit her job as Farrah’s manager prior to Farrah’s completion of the program,” according to the site.

It’s unclear how the professional break up will affect Farrah’s projects that were already in the works, like her Spinboi Films Finding Farrah reality show deal. When asked by Fox411 is she would ever return to reality TV, Farrah responded in a way that seems to suggest the fate of Finding Farrah is up in the air. “A lot of networks want to do a spinoff show,” she said, then later added, “I’m more about educational value and if these networks are not about it then I’ll skip it.”

And I’m guessing it is no coincidence that “sources” spoke to TMZ this week about Farrah getting turned away from Playboy magazine twice — reports that Farrah “laughed” at on Twitter: “Really laughing at all the blog lie drama about Playboy, for the record ‘I never reached out’ nor do I care, if it happens they can pay up:)”

Also, as of today, she is no longer listed as a client on Dial-A-Star, a company that Gina has a role in running.

In addition to spilling on her management issues, Farrah also opened up about her dating life, saying “I’m not sexually active. I’m dating three people. I really like two. The gentlemen I’m dating are real businessmen who have their own companies and are very successful. They don’t pay attention to entertainment or the drama.”

Farrah Abraham reveals she's dating three men, two of which she likes

That’s an amazingly immaculate Farrah answer that you just can’t make up! So there are three guys out there (who I hope are aware that Farrah is dating two other men) who are currently wondering which of the three is the one Farrah doesn’t “really like.” LOL! Kudos to Farrah though, because I imagine it is very difficult to find one man — much less three — who doesn’t “pay attention to entertainment!” I can just hear him now… “Movies? No, hate those. Music? No time for it. To be honest, I just don’t pay attention to entertainment.”

Farrah also once again explained how her making and selling an adult film is actually really great for her young daughter Sophia. “I was sexually experimenting and if you do it, it should be with a quality person. The more mistakes I may make the better for my daughter. It helps us become successful in the end. It helps me be stronger.”

And how about Farrah’s insight on fame and advice to those young women out there aspiring to be famous? Take it away Farrah…

“I don’t know what to say to the women who aspire to be famous. You are born for it. No matter how far you run, it’s always there. I’ve had a lot of issues. Girls have big jealously issues with me. I’m the extreme opposite of what you expect. I’m not about money or fame. You need to rely on your brain and not your body.”

And here’s a little block quote graphic for that gem:

Farrah Abraham says you need to rely on your brain and not your body

Be sure to catch the whole wonderful interview (which I though was beautifully orchestrated with perfect questions that fully empowered Farrah to truly be Farrah with her responses) over at Fox411!

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