Does Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout still love Kyle King?

Maci Bookout is one of our favorite reality stars – she’s beautiful, funny, and she is a great mommy to her 3-year-old son, Bentley. She is currently starring in Teen Mom’s fourth and final season and has made a career in public speaking. So, what’s missing? This mommy needs some love!

Fans have seen her relationship with Kyle King on Teen Mom. They started out as friends but one thing led to another and they began dating. Maci and Kyle even moved in together with her son Bentley. Although they had the usual lovers quarrel, they seemed great for each other! Plus, Bentley loved him! Unfortunately, they broke up in February, leaving fans everywhere wondering what went wrong. Rumors spread like wildfire claiming that Maci was pressuring him to get married which scared him off, but Maci denied any truth to these rumors.

A couple months later, Maci began dating Kyle Regal, who is the brother of one of her friends. Fans were hesitant to take a liking to him and felt as though she moved on from Kyle King too fast. Maci seemed to have fallen hard. She even visited him out of state several times. Just a couple months into their relationship, scandal broke! Maci found out that Kyle had requested nude pictures on her friend! Although he didn’t realize that it was her friend, he learned quick! Talk about getting caught in the act! We knew this guy was no good!

Now that Teen Mom has returned, fans are getting to see Maci and Kyle King’s relationship play out on TV. On the premiere episode, Kyle put his step-daddy skills to work when Maci wasn’t wanting to put Bentley in daycare — she didn’t want him to cry! Kyle encouraged him to go right in and show the kids his silly face and that worked like a charm. Bentley didn’t shed a tear!

During the episode, Maci tweeted to Kyle saying, “I honestly don’t know what I would do without you! Even if we aren’t together you’re my best friend! I love u and Bentley does, too.” After a friend gave him a shout out and added, “He’s a good guy with more patience then anyone I’ve ever seen,” Maci replied, “Yes he is love him.”

We are completely Team Maci & Kyle! All this love talk between them is such a tease! Why don’t they just get back together already? They love each other and seeing how much Bentley loves him makes it feel even more right!

UPDATE: Maci spoke to US Weekly, saying she thinks Kyle is The One, and they will probably work things out in the future. Right now they’re spending lots of time together with Bentley, and their mutual friends.

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