Farrah Abraham blogs about DUI arrest, calls cop an “asswhole” and “dumbass”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Easter

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham called in to TMZ Live last week in an attempt to clarify exactly what happened when she was arrested for a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately for Farrah, the call seemed more confusing than clarifying with the 21-year-old single mom appearing to contradict herself on several occasions.

But we all know how difficult a live interview can be, right? So, Farrah (author of two books) took to her Sulia blog to explain at length and in writing “what simply happened rather then regard to the over sensationalized, dramatic reporters regurgitated instigations.”

As is often the case with Farrah’s Sulia posts, there is simply no way to edit them down — they must be read in their entirety. So, here they are (Part 1 and Part 2) with a few of my observations and comments after:

Reflections with Farrah Abraham DUI arrest Sulia posts

DUI Part #1 (WHAT REALLY HAPPENED By ME -ya know the person who was really there!) @SULIA

I’m assuming most of you have read every other dramatic interpreted version of what possibly happened regarding my DWI incident. That’s totally fine that you read every construed version of what really happened and then made judgments that were false per that incident. Now that the dust has settled and maybe you noticed there was no mug shot, no one got injured, no cars were totaled , and I received no felony charges maybe your ready to read what simply happened rather then regard to the over sensationalized, dramatic reporters regurgitated instigations… ya I know sometimes others make the wrong judgments.

So the Night of St.Patricks like everyone else who is 21 years of age or older I was out and actually with family, as we all know I tend to have my boundaries with family only to protect myself, but when I was put in the position to be the driver and make sure we get home safe that evening I totally was only worried about my one family member who all of the sudden wanted to leave with a guy and was picking fights with my friend, yes there’s other in-between conversations that occurred before this but that is too much to write, So I know myself and I had not drank to the extent to be negligent (if you do not know what this word means regarding drinking to much please look it up) as well I am certified to sale alcohol and bartend so I am very cautious and responsible regarding just a night out with drinking and not to mention my daughter’s father died because of drinking and drugs in a car accident and being with the wrong people…So Me, Myself I think about what I do, what my actions will do to myself and others. By grabbing my car and simply going around a corner to park, as well while stopping on the corner and driving slow and not exceeding a speed limit of over 15mph I was by no way or shape deserving of a cop walking over to my Parked car, and then When I told him what I was worried about which was “Finding my family member and now I can’t see her” he immediately demanded all the regular documentation, and wanted to just put me in the back of the cop car… (hint NO SOBRIETY TEST, and No care of what I’m worried about , he does not let my friend just take me home in my friends car… and by this point I’m pissed) ..So I just say fine take me to the station for no reason! When I’m at the station this cop just kept pressing my buttons.


Teen Mom Farrah Abraham bartending

DUI Part #2 (WHAT REALLY HAPPENED By ME -ya know the person who was really there!) @SULIA

he then hands me a type of breathalyzer, does not state how this one works, (also I’m sick from a virus going around major sinus and alot of coughing and congestion) so hard to breathe, so because I don’t know how long to breathe, etc. this cop tells me I’m purposely refusing to take this breathalyzer test correctly (another way to continue to piss someone off) so I quit talking to this cop because he clearly has no idea what the f**k he’s doing and now probably can’t wait to release a asswhole cop report to the media (WHICH HE DID, so stellar specially about a reality star) then I have a second cop give me a normal real breathalyzer test, he stats how to hold your breathe and handle the breathalyzer (THANK GOD 1 normal person all night) when the alcohol content is shown, which I did not see personally it was .145 that is a number of legal intoxication, no doubt but like I mentioned I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety. So I was released and the asswhole cop who kept trying to make everything worse for myself was shouting loudly” I’m shocked she only blew that, she should be in jail”- ya what a dumbass…so the point is, that’s practically the story and the rest is unneeded history. Enjoy the TMZ, the online blogs, but I want you to know fans, to learn from my small accident, and make sure if your ever in this situation to know “your not the first 21 year old to have your 1st DWI or DUI, handle your self with respect even when the cop disrespects you, make sure to seek a lawyer, and have your boundaries set to your family and friends, and stay on track to your aspirations and even though your family isn’t there to help, the media reports have outlandish claims, your car gets toed, your stuck with out your keys, you now have to pay fines, and the world in general feels against you. Know like your girl Farrah right here ☺ stay positive because you know what really happened, and her personally and physically ok, you can take care of your responsibilities, and you will achieve all your goals and it just may take a little extra time, live your life and know 21 is a tough year (your not a child, and others won’t under stand but unfortunately 21 is the year to understand the good and bad and live life and come out a positive, better, hardworking, knowledgeable person! Take care & I’m happy to hear that you will never have an alcohol related issue!


First and foremost I feel I should defend myself and other bloggers and media outlets who have reported on Farrah’s DUI arrest. Though I can’t claim to understand what she means by “over sensationalized, dramatic reporters regurgitated instigations,” she later states that “the media reports have outlandish claims.” I want to know what, exactly, these “outlandish” claims are. I know this site (and most others) have only reported the fact that Farrah was arrested for a DUI, and then later we relayed the details included in the police report, most all of which were later verified to some extent by Farrah herself either in her initial interview with In Touch about the arrest, her phone conversation with TMZ, or the above Sulia posts.

She admits to drinking that night. She admits to getting behind the wheel and driving her car, albeit “just around the corner” to park it. She admits to screaming at police. She admits to banging her head on the inside of the car window in an attempt to get the attention of the officers on the scene, who she says were ignoring her. In her Sulia post she even seems to be comfortable with the fact that she registered a .145 BAC, which is almost double the .08 legal limit. (Although Farrah states “that is a number of legal intoxication, no doubt but like I mentioned I know how to handle myself and I was concerned about safety.”)

From what I can tell, the only thing Farrah is disputing is the claim that she refused to take the initial breathalyzer test by biting down on it and not providing a good enough sample. (She suggests she didn’t know how to do it and the original officer didn’t provide adequate instructions.)

Farrah also suggests that the police officer had no reason to approach her car to begin with, pointing out that she came to a stop at the corner and never exceeded the speed limit. What she doesn’t address is the reason she was approached according to the police report, which is that she crossed over the center line while making the turn and almost hit a police cruiser. I’m not saying she did cross the line, only that Farrah should have clarified whether or not she did if she wants to state that the officer had no reason to approach her.

On a lighter note, Farrah shared this eggcellent photo of herself, daughter Sophia, parents Debra and Michael spending quality time with the Easter Bunny:

Farrah Abraham fmaily photo with Sophia Debra Michael and the Easter Bunny

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