Elin Nordegren’s boyfriend Jamie Dingman used to date Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Wood’s mistress

Elin Nordegren is reportedly dating Jamie Dingman Elin Nordegren's reported new boyfriend Jamie Dingman

In a twist that would make even M. Night Shyamalan say “Oh, snap!” new light has been shed on the Elin Nordegren/Tiger Woods saga.

For about seven months now Nordegren has kept a low profile, spending time in her home country of Sweden, raising her two children and dating son-of-a-billionaire Jamie Dingman (pictured above). An American financier, Dingman met Nordegren in Florida at a charity ball last January. Though not a celebrity himself, in the past he has been romantically linked to beauties like Bridget Moynahan (Tom Brady’s baby mama) and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. The twist is that his girlfriend prior to Nordegren was none other than Rachel Uchitel.

That’s right, according to TMZ, Nordegren’s boyfriend used to live with Nordegren’s ex-husband’s #1 mistress, the “other woman” at the center of their divorce scandal.


When the car accident that started it all happened on Thanksgiving Weekend 2009, Uchitel and Dingman were still an item. According to the NY Post, it was Uchitel’s friend Jen Madden who overheard Uchitel telling Dingman about her affair with the golf phenom, and it was Madden who broke the story to the tabloids. Upon learning of the affair, Dingman allegedly told Uchitel, “”That’s ok. I’ll date his wife, Elin.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

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