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Neill Skylar is a newcomer to the tight knit group of Dallas A-listers featured on Bravo’s new show, Most Eligible Dallas. The show, which premiers August 15th, seems like an experiment in mixing up tried and true tv formulas. It uses The Real Housewives format but has a co-ed cast. Like The Real World, it features a group of gorgeous singles and a dynamic supercharged with sexual tension, but the cast isn’t quite as young and they don’t all live in the same house. And, although it isn’t a scripted ensemble rom-com, you can tell that Bravo is really hoping that the sweet Friends vibe will shine through the flirting and frivolity.

Neill Skylar bikini photo

Neill Skylar, who grew up in Dallas as Neill McClung, comes to the cast of Most Eligible Dallas not long after spending five years in Los Angeles and New York trying to get her music and acting careers off the ground. During those five years she racked up a few movie and tv credits including the roles of Mary in Devon’s Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy in 2005 and Fatima in Redline in 2007. She also made an appearance on CSI:New York in 2007 as Jennie Parker in the “What Dreams May Come” episode.

I couldn’t find any footage from the CSI appearance, but here are the trailers for Devon’s Ghost and Redline. Beware, of the Devon’s Ghost clip if murderous baseball players creep you out. If you do watch it, though, please tell me if there’s ever been a sillier weapon in a slasher flick. I think not.

Although Neill isn’t featured in either of those trailers, she has a bit of a web presence because of an internet series she co-starred in called The Dating Dilemma Show. Here is a very silly clip of her and co-star Ashley Brinkman giving advice to a “caller” that I don’t really think called in. (Call me a skeptic!)

Did you notice in the opening sequence of The Dating Dilemma Show that Neill had brown hair (although she was blonde for the rest of the video)? Here’s another video of Neill explaining what going brunette meant to her.

Neil is at least as serious about music as she is about acting. She is the lead singer of Kitty La La, a Blues-rock-dance-pop band (their description, not mine) based in Dallas. You can find several photos and videos of Kitty La La in the studio online, but my favorite was this one. Neill recorded this video after filming Most Eligible Dallas and says that the song is inspired by her experience on the show.

If the song is any indication, Neill didn’t win any popularity contests among her friends on the show, which isn’t a big surprise. According to the bio of her posted on the Bravo website,

Neill is trying to find her place in Dallas with the help of long-time friend, Matt Nordgren. Though Neill and Matt both say they aren’t looking for something serious, the two can’t deny their chemistry. Matt brings Neill out to events with the gang, but as a newcomer, she finds that acceptance doesn’t come easy to some.

So, not only is Neill struggling with breaking into a tight knit group of friends, but her entree comes through Matt Nordgren, which couldn’t have made Courtney Kerr very happy. Officially, Matt and Courtney are just best friends; but, for some strange reason, Courtney never thinks that any of her boyfriends or his girlfriends are good enough for either of them. Hmmmmmm. That’s a little suspicious, right? And not good for Neill.

Most Eligible Dallas' Neill Skylar with her son Major
^ Neill Skylar with her 19-month-old son Major

But, Neill has plenty to keep her occupied without worrying about whether Courtney is jealous of Matt or not. Besides working on an acting career and promoting Kitty La La, Neill has her 19-month-old son Major to think about. So, although Neill is the youngest member, at 22, of the Most Eligible Dallas cast, she is bound not to be the most childish. Do you wonder how (or whether!) Neill stays in control of such a complicated, ambitious life? I do, too, and that’s why I’ll have my TV locked on Bravo on August 15th for the Most Eligible Dallas premiere . . . and so should you!

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