VIDEO Snooki’s car crash in Italy caught on tape plus Jersey Shore Season 4 preview trailer

Snooki and Deena get in a car crash in Italy

One of the stories sure to be a major part of Jersey Shore Season 4 is Snooki’s infamous collision with an Italian police vehicle while driving around Florence with Deena Cortese. There were some after-the-fact photos circulated online, and even some that featured Snooki wearing what turned out to be a fake neckbrace the next day, but there wasn’t any photos or footage of the actual accident… until now!

Thanks to the good folks at MTV we have a little hilarious sneak peek of that fateful moment when Snooki lost her Italian driver’s license!

These girls need to be wearing their seatbelts! Did you see Deena go flying?!? It makes me think there needs to be a song parody titled “The Daring Young Woman Named the Flying Cortese!”

MTV is reportedly showing an extended preview clip during tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf. I will keep checking and if they make it available online I’ll add it to the post! What do you have to say to that Snooki?

Snooki makes a face just prior to crashing into an Italian police car in Florence

UPDATE – And here it is!

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