Is Tiger Woods still in a relationship with Rachel Uchitel?


Rachel Uchitel’s “friends” are still spilling beans to gossip magazines, and one of them told US Weekly that Rachel is still receiving text messages from Tiger Woods trying to woo her: “Rachel said he told her he was going to leave his wife for her, that he needed to be with her.”

This sounds preposterous, but really so does the whole Tigergate situation. Apparently Tiger’s years of power, fame, money, and dual lives have clouded his judgment and evaluation of reality, so he may be deluded enough to continue to pursue a relationship with Uchitel.

Rachel was alledgedly paid up to $3 million to not go to the media with her story, and has been photographed shopping near where Tiger is reportedly holing up in his yacht, called Privacy.

Meanwhile, Tiger’s wife Elin has been photographed numerous times noticeably without her wedding ring. Elin is also reportedly in talks to be the spokesperson for a Puma clothing line, a rival of Tiger’s loyal sponsor, Nike.

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