Dr. Drew shades Farrah Abraham, female fans of Teen Mom


It’s host Dr. Drew Pinsky’s turn to weigh in on the epic fight that occurred during the Teen Mom OG reunion show!

Pinsky gave his take on what happened at the reunion during the opening of the December 13, 2016 Adam and Dr. Drew Show podcast, but first he discussed Farrah Abraham’s fame and how it’s linked to a p0rn past that he doesn’t believe she’s necessarily trying to separate herself from:

Dr. Drew: OMG with this Teen Mom thing I’m getting nothing but horrible tweets.

Adam: What’s going on with Teen Mom?

Dr. Drew: We had one of those reunions and there was a lot of violence on the set and… Let me read some of the tweets I get…

Adam: Walk me through it. What happened?

Dr. Drew: Uh, Farrah, in her only Farrah kind of way sits down and she goes, you know…

Adam: She’s the most famous of the Teen Moms?

Dr. Drew: Yeah, because she did p0rn and things and she’s, like, very, sort of, into drama let’s just say.

Adam: Does she work?

Dr. Drew: She does open little businesses, like she had her yogurt business and things and she mostly does appearances and things off of the TV show… Apparently the producers… She is very much on top of her business… Very business minded.

Adam: Is she doing any adult whatever?

Dr. Drew: No. She sees that as having been manipulated into it and really feels kind of bad about it but will do appearances as a result of it so I don’t know…

Adam: At a club?

Dr. Drew: Yeah. It seems to me… And again I don’t get into what’s going on there.

Next, Dr. Drew gave a brief break down of the showdown between Amber Portwood and Farrah while adding just how frustrated he is by all the Twitter feedback he receives from young female fans of the show.


Dr. Drew:  Farrah and her boyfriend start talking about the fact that this was just a joke, that they were just kidding. Amber flies out from backstage and just, like, leaps on her. Then Farrah’s father comes out, then Amber’s boyfriend comes out and throws Farrah’s father into the audience and there’s real, like, stuff going on here.

Adam: Drew, what are you doing?

Dr. Drew: Trying to stand between everybody and make sure their punches weren’t thrown or they didn’t land anything on each other. Security guards, I was so pissed, we had like five security guards who are just standing, “Like, ok if it gets bad we’ll come in” and it was bad. So now I have to live through, I have to get rained upon essentially… 19 to 24-year-old women who are telling me how to do my job. That’s one of the most frustrating things you could ever read.

Dr Drew reading a tweet in a mocking tone: Please stop letting Farrah get away with her disgusting and rude behavior.

Adam: It’s as if you have some dominion over her, right?

Dr Drew: As if I were her doctor? As if I were the producer of the show? As if I could change her behavior magically by just being harsh to her?

Dr. Drew was then asked if there were any Teen Mom success stories and he answered, “they’re all doing pretty well.”

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