Matt Baier’s ex-wife speaks out, to appear on Dr. Phil?

Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier talking

The alleged child count continues to rise for Matt Baier, the controversial fiancé of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood. A woman named Jeanette Reedy has come forward to reveal she was married to Matt from 2007-2008, during which time she became pregnant with his daughter. Jeanette and Matt split up while she was pregnant, and he broke off all contact a few months after their daughter was born.

Jeanette first publicly revealed her prior relationship with Matt on Twitter when she reacted to a photo posted by Judy Cornett when Matt was crashing at her house (and reportedly pitching some serious woo her way) in 2008:

Old photo of Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Baier 2008

“Remember this Matt Baier?” wrote Judy.

“I was married to Matt and 7 months pregnant with our daughter when that picture was taken!” replied Jeanette. “He somewhat resembles a gnome,” she added.

Later, Jeanette entered a three-way conversation with Judy and another of Matt’s exes, Kelli Nunn, in which they addressed the fact that Matt is not only absent from his children’s lives, but reportedly took money from the mothers. “It was about $60k from me,” tweeted Jeanette. “Almost lost my home, but I moved out and rented it.”

But even that large amount of money doesn’t equal abandoning a child, in Jeanette’s opinion.”It’s one thing to take money, but ruining children’s lives deserves a serious beating!” she wrote.

Jeanette later spoke with Radar Online about her relationship with Matt, revealing that the two met online in 2006 and were married less than a year later in January of 2007. Jeanette had a five-year-old son at the time, and she says that Matt pressured her to have another child. She got pregnant later in 2007.

“He was great at first, but then our marriage became a nightmare,” Jeanette recalls. “I started to figure out that everything about him was a lie. I thought, ‘What did I get myself involved in?’”

Jeanette split from Matt when she was five months pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter in July of 2008, and after just a handful of visits from Matt, he broke off all contact. Jeanette says Matt has yet to pay her any child support.

Just like most of the other mothers of Matt’s children that we have heard from, Jeanette was shocked to find out Matt is now a reality star. “I got so many text messages, emails and phone calls. Lots of my friends watch Teen Mom and recognized him right away,” she says. But the show’s high ratings weren’t boosted with any help from her! “I’ve never seen him on TV,” Jeanette says. “I’m repulsed by him.”

Back on Twitter, Jeanette had a similarly angry tone, albeit with a sarcastic optimism. “I’m actually glad he’s ‘working,'” she wrote. “Get cracking Matt! You have a lot of mouths to feed!”

Another Twitter user expressed her anger at Amber Portwood for staying with Matt, even after all of this information began to come out. “Amber is a big girl and can make her own decisions,” Jeanette tweeted. But, she warned, “There are consequences to those decisions.”

Also revealed in her Twitter conversations is that Jeanette might soon be sharing her experiences with Matt on Dr. Phil! Judy Cornett, a sexual abuse victims’ advocate with experience making the talk show and news show rounds (including Oprah, Leeza, Montel, 20/20, and The O’ Reilly Factor), has reached out to Dr. Phil on behalf of Jeanette and Kelli. “I wrote to Dr. Phil last night,” Judy revealed on Thursday; “let’s see what happens.”

In addition to an appearance on Dr. Phil, Judy also suggests the mothers should look into taking legal action. “This could get pretty serious,” she tweeted to Jeanette and Kelli. “What about the suffering humiliation abandonment civil case?” She later added: “Stand up for the rights of your child and you! This is your opportunity!”

That cannot bode well for Matt.

If you’re wondering how many children Matt Baier has, there is still no definitive answer to that question. Jeanette doesn’t believe that she is among the women included in the initial reports about Matt’s exes suing for child support, which would raise the reported number of children to whom Matt owes child support to nine.

Perhaps Matt could get his own spin-off show in which he tries to come up with creative ways to raise money to pay all his back child support. It could be titled 9 Kids and Counting.

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