“Don’t Google Yourself” Miley Cyrus warns younger sister Noah about the dark side of fame

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24-year-old Miley Cyrus has some words of wisdom for her 17-year-old sister Noah, who’s a rising singing sensation navigating the tricky world of fame.

“I think it makes you jaded, it makes you guarded, and I don’t ever want her to get like that,” Miley told radio host Elvis Duran. “Or your style or the way that you think because you want to please people. I really hope that she never feels those pressures and I hope other people respect her and don’t actually make her something she’s not.”

Some of her advice, though goes towards the mammoth pressure anyone in the public eye has these days while dealing with social media. In the past stars where a bit shielded by the facts that most had people managed their fan mail and read the newspaper for them and there was simply less commentary, and hardly any of it was instantaneous.

A few of her tips?

1. Keep the comments turned off on Instagram
2. Don’t Google yourself
3. Never read anything that anyone says about you

“When you’re in this industry, adults treat kids like adults,” she explained. “I think the way people judge you or people would write articles on me when I was a kid going through the times of having crazy breakouts or going through break ups or whatever I was going through, people would treat me like I could handle those comments as an adult, like I had this thick skin.” Adults often have a hard time navigating social media, especially if they’re famous, but it must be a self-image nightmare as a famous teen.

In other Miley Cyrus sibling news, Miley lost her model brother Braison future jobs with Italian fashion icon Dolce & Gabbana by criticizing their politics on an Instagram post.

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