Does “Inferno” director Matthew Wilder still want Lindsay Lohan to play Linda Lovelace?

Lindsay Lohan’s latest mess is too much. It’s like a really long, multimedia episode of intervention. It’s at the newsstand, your mailbox, television, you’re getting pings on your smartphone. People are probably text-messaging you about it. Your parents are giving you lectures about it. You can probably major in Lindsay Lohan in college.

Many experts are taking this opportunity (i.e. Lindsay Lohan going to jail for a few hours over a very serious drug relapse/parole violation) to sound the death knell on her career (again). People have been talking about the death of Lindsay’s career since she first kidnapped those dudes in a coke-fueled frenzy in 2007.

Nothing much has changed since then. Her current legal troubles are tied to that incident, her frenzies are still coke-fueled, and people still make careers out of pronouncing the end of Lindsay’s career.

The situation is kind of heartbreaking because ole’ Lindz actually has talent. Somewhere, underneath all those lines of coke, alcohol fumes, and layers of self-tanner, Lindsay is a pretty good actress. If she’d spent the past seven years studying acting and sinking her teeth into a variety of roles, she’d probably be a great actress by now.

But now, to quote Matt LaBlanc “The paper’s say [she’s] over!” The number one reason her career might never recover is that she’s uninsurable, some say for as long as ten years, even if she gets sober.

But there’s an outlying variable here: Inferno director Matthew Wilder, is bending over backwards to keep Lindsay Lohan in the Linda Lovelace biopic. The flick is supposed to start shooting November 15 in Louisiana, but now Lindsay can’t leave California.

So, Wilder is scouting out shooting locations in L.A. to accommodate Lindsay. He’s hell-bent on keeping her in the picture. He told MTV News:

“We love her. We want her to do we. We will make the picture shortly. I think [it] will make things easier on the Lindsay front. I understand people’s exasperation. I share it. But there is a tremendous gift underneath all the obvious baggage.”

Is Wilder fighting the good fight to keep Lindsay working, or is he actually a bigger enabler than even her friends and family?