VIDEO Ryan from ‘The Office’ launches website

Ryan Howard from The Office launches

You heard The Office‘s former ‘Temp’ Ryan talk about it last season and you saw him promoting it via apparel screen printation in the viral lip dub video and now it’s finally a reality! From the MBA mastermind and subject of Billy Joel’s classic tune “Ryan Started The Fire,” the world is now in possession of…

WUPHF! (Pronounced loudly as WOOF!) Here’s a video of Ryan introducing the web site which “is a crazy revolutionary program that ties all your communication portals together. Join today and link up your, emails, faxes, text messages, voicemails, tweets, chat programs, and pages with a single ‘WUPHF!'”

Soon everyone will realize just how stupid it was to just tweet when you could have been WUPHFing! banner

And be sure to visit! You can order a t-shirt, customize your WUPHF! avatar, and read up on all things WUPHF! like this bio on company founder Ryan Howard:

Ryan Howard, Creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of WUPHF.COM, doesn’t live, he lives. A fearless risk taker, this pioneer of Internet communications technology always strives to innovate the world around him, as well as innovate himself.

Born into a typical middle class family in the humble town of Scranton, PA, Ryan Howard has struggled to overcome adversity. Despite challenges from drug addiction, beautyism, being diagnosed with ADHD and a mild eating disorder, Ryan Howard has not only survived, he’s thrived. After trail blazing his way into becoming a twenty-something corporate executive in New York City, Ryan Howard gave it all up to return to his roots.

Ryan Howard moved back to Scranton, to start WUPHF.COM, boosting his hometown’s economy � a thing that’s very close to his heart because he will never forget where he came from, even though he never looks back. With his company is on the rise, and his eye for edgy photographs excelling, Ryan Howard is looking to a future so bright, it’s blinding! Always bold and never boring. Get out of his way, he is… RYAN HOWARD.

(My favorite part is, “he will never forget where he came from, even though he never looks back.”)

Still don’t think WUPHF! is right for you? Read up on the site’s testimonials that will certainly change your mind! (You might recognize a few of your favorite Scrantonites!)

AFAIC, you should sign up for Wuphf ASAP. It makes me SHICPMP. I would H8 my life w/o it. *K*
-K. Kapoor

Wuphf imitates the ringing in my head. I love it.
-Creed B.

Great idea. The light bulb of our time.
-Erin Hannon. error message

Michael: How do I put this lightly? Wuphf is OUTSTANDING. You get a message or a call from one person, and boom � all your communication devices are going off to alert you. It’s like my electronics are having a Christmas party and I want to be a part of it. Never again will I be late to get a message. Facebook request from Mrs. Doyle? Accepted immediately. Who knew she was even still alive?? Fax of a photocopied butt from Packer? Hilarious! Saw it right away. Phone call from Citibank? Not gonna take it, but glad I heard my cell wuphf. It’s the way of the future! Wuphf ya sign up already?
-Michael Scarn

Woof is excellent. I don’t have a pager, facebook, or fax, but I do have a phone. So whenever it rings, it als o barks. It’s neat stuff.
-Creed H.

Wuphf is weird. I hate it. When I got a phone call, my fax machine started spitting out paper and wouldn’t stop for three hours. My email account got spammed and sent a message to all my contacts that said, “You’ve been Wuphfed! Deal with it.” And my facebook account got a virus. I went to call customer service but wuphf totally screwed up my phone. Everything’s in Japanese now and I can’t change it. Stay away from Wuphf!!!

Wuphf charged my credit card three times and hasn’t reversed it yet. It’s ridiculous. I’m a college student, and that’s cutting into my drinking money. Buyer beware.

This site is all error messages. It’s impossible to get through the set-up. The only person I would recommend it to is my super annoying step dad. I hate you Ronnie!
-Melissa B.