Who went home on The Bachelor 2015? (Week 4 eliminations and spoilers)

The Bachelor Chris Soules 2015 Episode 4 Who went home?

The women who went home on The Bachelor this week were understandably upset, but there is a bright side for viewers: every lady who leaves brings us one step closer to meeting the Season 19 winner! Bachelor Chris Soules started Season 19 with 30 bachelorettes vying for his affections, but after Monday night’s episode, that number is much smaller. (Well, actually, based on these Bachelor spoilers 2015, he is currently – allegedly – down to exactly one lady: his fiance!)

So, who went home on The Bachelor 2015 during the Week 4 rose ceremony on the Jan. 26 episode? How many ladies are left?

If you have this week’s show saved on your DVR for later, you might want to avoid the rest of this article for the episode-specific Bachelor spoilers it contains and click here SAG Awards red carpet coverage instead.

Many viewers were surprised when Bachelor Chris – aka Prince Farming, if you can stomach it – allowed a woman he eliminated during the premiere to stick around for Week 2, but that was nothing compared to the shock fans experienced when he also allowed crazy-train Ashley S. to stay. She went out of her way to show off her colorful personality once again this week. This is a sample of her actual dialogue tonight, in the order she said it: “[Speaking to Chris] What are you? What are you? … The moon is weird to me … Chris, I love you.” Um. Yeahhh. Did she make the cut again this week, or did she fall victim to the dreaded rose ceremony elimination?

Whitney, Carly and Megan got the first Bachelor 2015 Week 4 roses. The last rose went to Britt, and ultimately, it was Ashley S. who went home during The Bachelor 2015 Week 4 elimination, along with Juelia, and Nikki. Jillian had already been sent home following one-on-one time with Chris on the second group date of the week.

Bachelor Chris started the episode with 15 women and ended it with 11; stay tuned to ABC Monday nights for more whittling down over the next several weeks. In the meantime, at least you’re all caught up now, and you can gossip with your co-workers about who went home on The Bachelor this week, even if you missed Monday’s episode. Congratulations – you just saved your brain two hours worth of reality TV by reading this post, and your friends won’t even know the difference!

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