PHOTOS Cheryl Burke shows off her sexy bikini bod!

Cheryl Burke bikini

Cheryl Burke was in Miami Saturday where she showed off what a lifetime of dancing looks like in a tiny bikini! The 25-year-old two-time Dancing With the Stars champion was able to relax and even laugh it up for photographers as she took a relaxing break before she pairs up with the NFL’s biggest showman (and starcasm fave!), Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco for the 10th season of the popular dance competition show set to premiere March 22.

Here’s the beautiful Filipino, Irish and Russian ballroom star hamming it up by erotically applying a bit of lip gloss:

Cheryl Burke shows lip gloss can be sexy!

Dancing With The Stars' Cheryl Burke in a bikini
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Lawdy lawd she looks good! It’s all I can do not to make a “horizontal mambo” joke! Go Cheryl and Chad! Hmmmm… both their names stat with “Ch” – I think I will dub this dancing pair Ch-Ching! Goooooo Ch-Ching!

Photos: Flynet – Crockett/Tubbs
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