VIDEO Tiki Barber the pimp?

Tiki Barber dressed as a pimp

Former NFL star and current television personality Tiki Barber is making headlines because of his affair with a sexy 23-year-old blond intern named Tracy Lynn Johnson. Tiki is leaving his wife of 11 years, Ginny Cha, who is currently eight months pregnant with twins.

The news shouldn’t come as any surprise because the two lovebirds were less than discreet with their philandering. Traci accompanied Tiki on a number of business trips, during which he would introduce her as his assistant. The two were also photographed together a number of times, including THESE PHOTOS taken in Senegal while working on a Travel Channel documentary Tiki was hosting.

Traci cleverly explained all the time she was spending with Tiki to her parents by telling them she was his babysitter. (Smooth!)

And let’s not forget blatant signs, like this comment on the public fan page for musician and winter sports commentator Bryon Friedman:

Traci Lynn Johnson talked openly about Tiki Barber on Facebook

But, perhaps the most obvious indicator that Tiki Barber wasn’t the goody two-shoes family man he claimed to be was the ease with which he filmed this video while covering the Super Bowl for Yahoo Sports:

Something tells me the mistresses are going to start piling up! Tiki’s currently following Jenna Jameson on Twitter. Is that another sign?

Stay tuned!

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