Did Love & Hip Hop’s Tara Wallace have her baby?

Tara Wallace pregnancy update 3

Did Tara Wallace have her baby? The latest Tara Wallace pregnancy update brings news from Love & Hip Hop land, where Tara is past her due date with Peter Gunz’s ninth (9th) overall child. She’s been updating social media with baby bump pics like a fiend, though, almost as if to make up for the delay (or, as some fans have speculated, to shade Amina Buddafly).

It’s been one Tara Wallace pregnancy update after another, these last few weeks–ever since we found out that, contrary to popular belief, Tara was actually still pregnant with her third child by Peter. In fact, most every Tara Wallace pregnancy update has come from the woman herself, thanks to her near-constant self-defense (and proud flaunting of her body) on social media. Almost every one of her LHHNY co-stars has gotten in on the news, though perhaps no one more overtly than Cardi B, who insists that Peter’s “d*ck game” must be amazing in order for both Tara and Amina to keep coming back for more.

Tara Wallace pregnancy update 4

Thanks to a Tara Wallace pregnancy update from none other than VH1, we know that Tara’s due date is (or, more appropriately, was) February 10th. We also know that Tara shared a number of new details about baby #3 at last week’s LHHNY reunion special–in fact, the baby was a prominent source of discussion for the whole cast. What, exactly, did she say? For one thing, Tara was quick to joke about how she and Peter apparently can’t produce girls. For another, Tara was even quicker to say that “This is it,” as far as babies are concerned–with Peter or any other man.

In addition, it was the fact that “the boys are very excited”–Jameson and Kaz, her two extant sons–that helped “get [her] over the hump.” But perhaps the most awkward detail regarding baby #3 (whose name, in case you missed it, is Gunner), is the fact that Tara said she gave away all of the baby stuff she got for Jameson and Kaz after they each grew out of it. “It’s New York,” she explained; “no one has enough space to keep all of that.”

Tara Wallace pregnancy update 1

Beyond that, Tara employed a bit of fakery on Twitter earlier this week, when she re-tweeted some well wishes which made it sound like she had already given birth:

That false alarm was rectified, though, by a Tara Wallace pregnancy update the 32-year-old just shared via Instagram–one which included perhaps the most prominent baby bump shot yet:

In the meantime, you can catch new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Monday nights at 8 PM EST on VH1.  

(Photo credits: Tara Wallace pregnancy update via Instagram)

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