Did Joe Giudice cheat on Teresa with the nanny?


There have been rumors for a while that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice has cheated on his wife Teresa (and they’ve had other issues, like when he called her a c**t on camera,) and now here’s another. Life & Style has multiple sources saying that Joe has been having an affair with their former nanny Nicole Cemelli for years.

A family friend says: “At first, Teresa was in total denial. But another time, Nicole kissed Joe on the lips when she was in the room! Eventually, enough things were brought to her attention that she finally had to do something about it.”

Nicole stopped working for the Giudices in 2010, but according to Life & Style‘s sources, Joe continued to see Nicole and was even photographed with her this April in an NYC restaurant.

During a recent reunion special Jacqueline Laurita confronted Teresa about something she had disclosed to her: “You told me…you walked in on your husband when he had someone on the desk in his office…You caught him with the secretary, babysitter.”

But Teresa denied that Joe and Nicole have a relationship. She told Life & Style “That’s Joe’s old secretary, who works in the city. He was in the city that day [in April] for other business meetings and he had met up with her after, to go over some things.”

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