Did Courtney Stodden’s mom try to steal her husband Doug Hutchison?


Tuesday’s premiere of Lifetime’s new show The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition revisited Courtney Stodden’s saga, and revealed the real reason she had a falling out with her mom Krista Keller last year. According to Courtney, it was because Krista tried to steal her husband, actor Doug Huchison. Courtney, who’s now 21, famously married the now 55-year-old Doug when she was was only 16. Her mother signed off on the union, but recently expressed regrets over that decision.

The mother and daughter confronted each other on the show after not speaking for a long time. In front of a group of other celebrities (including a drunk Heidi Montag, Natalie Nunn, and Kim Richards,) the pair had to face the core of their issues: the fact that Courtney doesn’t trust her mom, and thinks she tried to seduce Doug.

“She doesn’t appreciate all the things I’ve done for her,” Krista said of Courtney in a video they all had to watch. “She doesn’t understand the sacrifices that I’ve made. I feel that her husband has ruined our relationship at this point.”

“My mom definitely as ambitions to be famous,” Courtney said. “She’s crazy for fame. Crazy for fame. She wants it and she will stop at nothing to get it . . . She began, behind my back, trying to steal my husband away from me. She took his hand, and said, ‘I don’t know what to do, but I’m in love with you.’”

In the video, Krista seems to be making excuses for her relationship with Doug. “It wasn’t as if she was madly in love with him at that time. When Doug was coming to me and Courtney didn’t want him, we became pretty close. So, that’s why we’re in this mess.” After viewing the video, Krista said, “I feel as if she has been brainwashed by her husband.”

“What mother would do that to her own daughter? Fall in love with her husband?” Courtney asked. She said when she and Doug confronted her about her inappropriate attraction, Krista was “like a deer in headlights.”

Krista claimed it was Doug who developed the extramarital feelings. “Doug was very upset and came to me,” Krista said. “Doug and I became emotionally dependent on each other at the time . . . He said he didn’t want to be alone, and he had developed feelings for me.”

“Doug and I never had an affair,” Krista recently told FOX11. “I was only trying to be a supportive mother when she told me she wanted to marry Doug, but I didn’t realize the impact a man that age would have on a girl Courtney’s age and [my decision] will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Whatever really happened, Courtney and Doug, who appeared on VH1’s Couple Therapy together, have since reconciled. Now, Courtney’s using another reality show to attempt to repair the damage with her relationship to her mom.