PHOTO Courtney Stodden looking classy (and about 45) with hubby Doug at The Grove

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson at The Grove

Billy Bob Thornton and Hulk Hogan’s ex wife Dourtney were spotted visiting The Grove in West Hollywood today and appeared as though they were somehow narrowing their infamous age gap! Actually, it looks like they may have overshot each other with 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson clocking in at around 40 and his 17-year-old bride looking like a 45-year-old honky tonk singer.

Let’s go Wayne’s World with an unnecessary zoom shall we?

Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchinson

All joking aside – that really is amazing! At this pace we’ll be mistaking Courtney for Joan Rivers by the end of next year!

And what’s a Courtney Stodden post without some of her infamously inappropriate teenage tweets? There’s even one from earlier today which must have been from around the time of the photo above (which means she was either heading to or coming from a photo shoot involving whips and chains. ***erff***)

Merry Christmas Courtney Stodden Twitter style

Courtney definitely puts the “ho” in ho, ho, ho!

Photos: Marcus / Zodiac / Splash News

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