VIDEO Doug Hutchison on 16-year-old bride, ‘Courtney’s plastic surgeon was God’

Courtney Stodden kisses her husband

The celebrity gossip world had a collective gasp when it was revealed that actor Doug Hutchison of Lost and The Green Mile fame had married a 16-year-old aspiring singer named Courtney Stodden. I profiled the teenager who certainly looked older than her age.

Other than a brief statement Doug and Courtney have remained quiet about their marriage until today when they made an appearance on Good Morning America to discuss their controversial relationship. Here’s the clip:

Man that was more incredible than I could have imagined. I was shocked like the rest when I first heard about their marriage but ultimately had decided you know whatever, love is love and if they’re happy so be it but after viewing that clip I’m not so sure. I mean does Courtney ever not wear high heels and Doug’s a natural at creepy, I guess that’s why he was so good as Percy Whitmore in The Green Mile. Here are some highlights from the two in that interview:

Doug: I had never met her (fell in love online) and I’m telling you it was a really beautiful and unique way to get to know someone because we didn’t have the distraction of the physical.

Doug: It was Krista (Courtney’s mom) who said, “You guys can get married if you want. There are ways to do that, there are certain states that allow it.

Courtney: I was a virgin when I married him. I knew that if I kept that I would be blessed with a really beautiful gift and God did. He blessed me with my soul mate.

Doug: Courtney’s plastic surgeon was God.

Courtney Stodden at home

What can I Say? In the report it is pointed out that Doug’s agent has dropped him, Courtney’s parents have received death threats and Doug’s own mother will not speak to him anymore. Also, Courtney has dropped out of high school because of bullying at the hands of her mature figure and has since been home schooled through an online Christian academy.

Before you feel too bad for these age-gapped lovebirds fear not, the two have plans for a reality show based on their marriage and claim that there are already multiple offers from production companies that see the value in their story. As for the legitimacy of their courtship I’m not so sure. As for TV wanting them for a reality show, you can take that to the bank.

16-year-old Courtney Stodden on GMA

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