Courtney Stodden has a new face

Courtney Stodden face changed photos

Recently 18-year-old Courtney Stodden, famous for being the child-bride of Doug Hutchison, (she’s also famous for wanting to be famous,) looks like she has had some work done on her face.

Pictures have surfaced of the young lady looking drastically different, and there is talk that she might have had some sort of feature-altering plastic surgery on her face. When people thought Courtney had a boob job, her husband informed us that God was Courtney’s plastic surgeon.

According to Courtney’s mom Krista Kelly it’s the Makeup Gods who have been working their magic to change Courntey’s look. She told E! News:

“She’s doing her makeup differently … that’s all it is! Courtney decided she wanted to change her makeup. She went for a lighter, more natural look, old Hollywood kind of look. People always think a knife is touching her face, but she’s like a chameleon … she can change her look so easily. People just don’t get it.”

She had a very dark-eyed, stripper thing going on before, so this could very well be the case. The basic shape of her features appear to be the same. What do you think? Is this just makeup?

Courtney’s set to appear on the VH1 show Couples Therapy with her 52-year-old husband Doug.

Here’s another glance at Courtney’s old look:

CLICK HERE to see a young and completely fresh-faced Courtney.