19 KIDS AND COUNTING Jill Dillard shades mom Michelle Duggar on her birthday

The Duggar daughters got together to celebrate Michelle on her birthday. Jill Dillard from 19 Kids and Counting was absent. Is it because of her tell all memoir?

Keep reading to find out about the Duggar feud and see who showed up for their mom on her special day…

A Duggar feud?

There seems to be a war brewing in Duggarville as more siblings start to come out against their upbringing.

Some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children are choosing to speak out against the Institute in Basic Life Principles, and their cult- like reputation, while other offspring are choosing to defend their parents.

Is Jessa Duggar still part of the IBLP?

A number of Duggers got together to celebrate their mom on her birthday, but a few of the daughters were noticeably absent. They spent the day making floral arrangements and enjoying “fellowship.”

Michelle Duggar’s birthday

In a YouTube video shared to her newly rebranded channel on September 22 Joy-Anna shares this: 

I had the best time with my sisters. There was a couple of sisters, a couple of sisters-in-law got together and just wanted to dote on my mom.

In the video above it appears Jana, Jessa, Joy-Anna, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie were there for Michelle, as well as her daughters-in-law Kendra, Abbie and Katey.

Jill skips Michelle’s party

Jinger Vuolo was not in attendance but that might not mean anything as it is likely she didn’t have the ability to travel from her home in Los Angeles . It could point to possible tension however because of her tell-all Becoming Free Indeed.

Jinger was the first Duggar to write a memoir denouncing her family.

Behind the scenes of Jill Dillard’s scandalous Duggar tell-all memoir

More noticeably, Jill Dillard was also not in attendance and sources believe this is definitely because of her memoir. Counting the Cost just came out blasting her family and it’s already a New York Times best seller.

Dillard lives in Arkansas near the other Duggers but she hasn’t been seen with them since the release of her new book. Are the more liberal Duggar daughters in a feud with their mother or was this just a scheduling conflict?

It’s possible she is taking after Cousin Amy King who has been putting distance between her and her family for years.

THE DUGGARS Amy Duggar King “setting boundaries” with “toxic” family

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