Real Life Bernie Tiede released from prison on the condition that he moves in with film director


Murderer Bernie Tiede, who had a dark comedy made about him starring Jack Black a few years ago, is getting released from prison on the condition that he move in the with the film’s director.
In 1997 Bernie was sentenced to life in prison after he killed his companion, 81-year-old Marjorie Nugent in Carthage, Texas. He was a widely loved funeral director in the small town, and Ms. Nugent, a rich widow, was hated because of supposed mean behavior towards the town’s residents. The movie depicts Marjorie as growing increasingly abusive towards Bernie until he snaps and shoots her.

After Marjorie Nugent’s remains were found in a freezer, Bernie confessed to the murder, but many of the town’s residents liked him so much they were convinced he was innocent. Because of this widespread bias, the trial was moved to another town, where he was convicted of the crime.


Jack Black as Bernie in the film based on Bernie Tiede’s life.

According to multiple news reports, Bernie was released on the condition that he seek psychological counseling for sexual abuse he suffered as a child, which a psychiatrist told the court led to him suffering a dissociative state when he murdered Marjorie. He’s also required to live in Austin, TX with the movie’s direct Richard Linklater because the prosecutor says the people of his former home, Carthage, “don’t want him walking the streets.” He’ll be living in an apartment above Linklater’s garage.

This outcome is somehow stranger than the original story. I wonder if Linklater will be using this time with Bernie for another film, or possibly a documentary?

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