Why does Couples Therapy’s Dr. Jenn go by Jenn Mann now?

Couples Therapy Dr. Jenn Mann Divorce Details

First reaction upon reading the announcement Couples Therapy is coming back soon: Woohoo! Second reaction: What’s up with this “Dr. Jenn Mann” thing? It turns out the therapist formerly known as Dr. Jenn Berman has gone back to her maiden name, more than a year after getting divorced.

“I am very excited to announce that I will no longer be going by Dr. Jenn Berman. I am taking back my original name,” Dr. Jenn revealed earlier this month. “Moving forward I will be going by Dr. Jenn Mann. That’s two N’s on Jenn and two N’s on Mann!! #stillDrJenn #embracechange #NewyearNewname #2015 #goingbacktomyroots.”

Just in case you haven't heard, I have a new name. #MaidenName #tookitback #2015

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Dr. Jenn was married to Joshua Berman for 12 years before divorcing in August 2013. She kept their home, her car and rights to her website — but they share custody of their now 7-year-old twin girls. Last May, Dr. Jenn told Tinsel Town Mom that the key to a successful co-parenting relationship was being willing to seek outside help.

“I’m very fortunate that my ex-husband and I are on really great terms. He’s a wonderful man and a spectacular father. We made a commitment when we got divorced to put our kids first,” Dr. Jenn explained. “Once a week we sit down with a therapist who is a specialist in children and divorce, and we do co-parenting sessions together and we agree that she is always our tie-breaker.”

Jenn said she and Joshua strive to keep their households as consistent as possible so their daughters can easily move between them.

“We try to do that the best we can, and at the same time there are some things that are different,” she said. “If you try to treat your ex with respect it’s more likely you’ll get respect. Kids are part you and part that other person. So, if you criticize that person it’s like you’re criticizing your kid. It’s important to do your best to honor and respect the relationship with your ex.”

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, Couples Therapy has been renewed — and producers want viewers’ suggestions on what couples should participate. Be sure to check out our ideas!

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