COUNTING ON Jinger Duggar Vuolo sparks divorce rumors

Jinger Duggar Vuolo was spotted without her wedding ring, prompting fans to worry that her and husband Jeremy are having martial problems.

The couple addressed the issue in a new video, confirming to fans the status of their near 7 year marriage.

Counting On

Jinger Duggar was introduced to fans in 2008 when her family’s reality series 19 Kids and Counting premiered on TLC.

The series was inevitably cancelled due to eldest brother Josh Duggar’s complicated indiscretions, and Counting On was formed to follow Jinger and her sister Jessa, currently married to Ben Seewald.

During the show’s run we learn a lot about the free-spirited “rebel” Duggar Jinger, who eventually meets Jeremy Vuolo, a soccer star who is slightly less conservative than her uber-Christian family.

Since partnering with Vuolo in 2016, Jinger has begun to wear jeans, and expose the dark truths of her famous family in a tell all memoir Becoming Free Indeed.

Jeremy and Jinger

Jeremy Vuolo has allowed Jinger Duggar many freedom’s that her strict parents never did. Besides dropping her modesty standards when it comes to dress, it’s also been rumored that the couple has relaxed their views on alcohol.

Recently purchasing an $830,000 home in the liberal city of Los Angeles, California, the two are currently raising their daughters Felicity and Evangeline as Christians in the big city, who are slightly less bound by the rules.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have been married nearly 7 years, and although the pair seem thick as thieves… even they aren’t immune to divorce rumors.

Jinger Vuolo seen without wedding ring

Jinger, 29, posted some videos to Instagram while visiting Arkansas without her husband, and fans were quick to notice that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. While cradling her nephew Truett, her hand is shocking bare.

The rumor was so big the couple had to address the issue in a video, where Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo swore to fans their relationship was more stable than ever.

“I don’t think – we’re not getting divorced,” Jeremy says.

Jinger replies “Don’t worry, we’re not.”

Vuolo promises she was wearing her ring, while Jeremy suggests that the camera “reverses,” images, which could be the cause of the absolutely shocking mix-up.

(Weird timing, given the fact that Jinger just recently revealed she had other crushes besides Jeremy before their marriage.)

Are Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo hiding their issues for the camera or will this pair go the distance? We’ll have to keep watching their social media accounts to find out, as neither of them have any plans to return to reality tv at this time.

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