Corey Simms’ girlfriend Amber Scaggs: another update

Corey Simms from Teen Mom 2 and his alleged new girlfriend Amber Scaggs

It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride for us since breaking the story Friday that Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms might have a new girlfriend in 21-year-old Amber Scaggs of Conroe, Texas. Since that time we have been in contact with numerous people who know Amber – even Amber herself – and there still seems to be more questions than answers.

Here is a summary of what has happened so far – we will let you draw your own conclusions.

We were contacted by someone claiming to be very close to Amber. In addition to providing us with photographs of the two of them being quite affectionate, this person also gave us a lot of specific details about Amber and Corey’s time together the week after Easter. As far as the relationship being under the radar, the source stated “im not sure how its stayed so quite [sic] this long.” We researched Amber and all of the information checked out so we printed the story early Friday morning.

We were able to get in contact with Amber later on Friday and asked her if she had seen the article and whether or not she would be willing to do a brief interview. She said she had seen the post with the pictures and would be willing to answer some questions about her relationship with Corey. I compiled a list of six questions and sent them to her Friday evening. Amber never responded.

UPDATE – (Lawdy lawd this Amber/Corey story is constantly getting updated!) CLICK HERE to read our exclusive interview with Amber Scaggs in which she addresses some of the issues brought up in this post!

(It should be noted that from the get go we wanted to give Amber and Corey the benefit of the doubt and try to remain impartial in our coverage. Our questions were geared to help her address all the negativity surely headed her way from the Teen Mom fan base and the majority of folks siding with Leah Messer in the split.)

Since that time – as you might imagine – we have received numerous emails and tips from people claiming to know Amber Scaggs, most of which had a lot of negative things to say about her.

Corey Simms' rumored new girlfriend Amber ScaggsOne consistent element in most all of the messages we have received is that Amber wanted the story to get out so she could then sell it to the tabloids – which according to a number of sources she is in the process of doing.  We were given a tip that Amber was in talks with OK magazine, but a source close to Amber has denied that as a vicious rumor. The source says “Amber has NOT talked to any magazine.”

We contacted Amber via email yesterday to follow up on the interview and her response today was to demand that we take her photos down and the “false information that you posted with it.” We were happy to remove the images from the site and responded to find out what “false information” was she was referring to. We have yet to hear back.

On a side note, we’ve also discovered that a friend paid for her airfare from West Virginia to Texas under the assumption that they would be paid back, but our source says that person has since given up hope of that ever happening.

As to whether or not Corey will continue to see Amber, a source close to Amber says than contrary to what some have assumed, it was Corey that started talking to her, and “he really likes her a lot.”

UPDATE: Click here to read our interview with Amber.

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UPDATE – The May 30 issue of OK! magazine has a cover story about the Amber Scaggs and Corey Simms relationship with more quotes from Amber and a friend. CLICK HERE to check out the highlights!