PHOTOS Meet Leah Renee ‘Bunny Alice’ from The Playboy Club

Actress Leah Renee Cudmore from The Playboy Club

NBC has officially announced their fall line-up and the most talked about new edition is a drama in the vein of Mad Men.  It’s called The Playboy Club and it focuses on the lives of fictional employees and patrons of the 60’s era Chicago Playboy Club.  While the characters are fictional the club was very real with NBC even featuring a video of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner discussing his creation and the show.

The iconic “Bunnies” of the club, the sexy ladies who brought patrons what they needed in delicious bunny themed outfits, launched the magazine into a different stratosphere.  NBC has hand picked some talented and sexy actresses to play the part of the 5 female leads to be featured on the show.  Our first introductory post for The Bunnies of The Playboy Club is Leah Renee, set to portray “Bunny Alice.”

First and foremost you may recognize Leah not as an actress but instead as a singer.  She has an established recording career with her biggest hit being “iBF (Imaginary Boyfriend).  Here’s the clip for the official music video that has over 70,000 views as of this post via YouTube:

Leah uploaded a number of videos to her official channel and one actually helped me out quite a bit with this post as she was kind enough to put together a video biography clip in which she let her music fans get to know her a little better.  Here’s that clip followed by a few highlights:

“Hello, I’m Leah Renee.  I’m a singer, songwriter and actress from Toronto, Ontario.  I love living in New York, I mean the city is amazing, it’s beautiful, it’s fun.  There is always something to do and the people here are great. I love it.”  The Canadian also stated about her music endeavors that, “My favorite way to write is in my room, candles lit, in my pajamas, a pot of green tea and my journal.”

Before her exploration into becoming a pop songstress, Leah (25) was a child actor who made a number of TV appearances in such works as Stickin’ Around (Melody), I Was a Sixth Grade Alien (Blur), and she was a voice actor for the popular animated show (my daughter loves it) Franklin.  She did the voice work for Beaver and that’s a voice I know all too well!  She went on to star in Growing Up Creepie (Chris_Alice Hollyruler), Runaway (Amber), and Blue Mountain State (Kara).

Here’s another shot of an all-grown-up Leah from the just released trailer for The Bunny Club:

Leah Renee as Bunny Alice in The Playboy Club

She also goes by the name Leah Cudmore, and Leah Renee Cudmore, but NBC is promoting her as Leah Renee so that’s the way I’m going with it.  According to IMDB Leah is set to appear in the upcoming feature film Stag about a young prankster Ken played by Donald Faison who gets his comeuppance in ways that are unimaginable.

If you want to keep up with the latest happenings for Leah Renee I encourage you to follow her official Twitter account here.  Sometimes folks Twitter tags define them the best.  Here is what Leah says of herself:

I spend my days singing my little heart out, acting my butt off and eating Italian deli Tofurkey sandwiches. I believe dreams really do come true!!

Beautiful and talented and certainly does that bunny outfit justice.  Wait a minute you haven’t seen her in THE outfit yet!?!  Here you go as she vamps it up alongside co-star Amber Heard.

Leah Renee Cudmore as Bunny Alice alongside Amber Heard

I’m looking forward to seeing Leah as “Bunny Alice” on Monday nights at 10PM EST this fall.  I’m glad that my daughter will be in bed because hearing Beaver and then seeing Alice sure could be confusing.  Yes, I’m refraining from a Leah beaver joke 🙂 And one more long parting shot, this is Leah at the recent NBC Upfront to promote the show. She’s looking fabulous I must say!

"Bunny Alice" at the NBC Upfront for The Playboy Club
^Richie Buxo / Splash News