Chelsea Houska DeBoer, Cole & Randy reflect on Teen Mom 2 Reunion drama in deleted scene

Chelsea Houska DeBoer holding son Watson backstage at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion scared

Behind the scenes at last season’s Teen Mom 2 Reunion was so crazy and chaotic that footage of it composed the first two episodes of the current season of the show. While Kail, Briana, Jenelle, and even Leah got swept up in the dramanado, Chelsea DeBoer did her best to keep herself and her two children away from the chaos.

In a newly posted deleted scene recorded after the DeBoers and Houskas returned to the relatively drama-free confines of South Dakota, they talked about their Reunion experience with a show producer:

Basically, Chelsea, Cole, Randy, and even Watson reveal what it would have been like for any of us “normal” folks to have been present. Here is a full transcript (sans a few uses of the word “like”) because this clip definitely merits a full transcript:

PRODUCER: OK, so how’d the Reunion go?


CHELSEA: The Reunion was a disaster.

COLE: You can’t be civil around —

RANDY: I mean, you film a whole season of a nice, pretty normal life, and then you go there and it’s like Meltdown City…It was just stupid!

CHELSEA: Especially when my kids aren’t around that kind of craziness.

RANDY: Yeah.

COLE: That’s not our life.

RANDY: I mean, that’s what’s sad: there’s kids that think that’s normal.

CHELSEA: Aubree started…crying afterwards.

RANDY: Well, I suppose!

CHELSEA: Because another time when Kail and — I don’t know if it was Briana or her sister — one of them was coming down the hallway and I had stepped out in the hallway with the baby, and I…just went back in my room because I was, like, “Oh my god! I can’t even leave my room?!”

COLE: Well, I remember my first one that I went to. Everybody was nice and talked. But now, everybody thinks they’re frickin’ Hollywood and no one talks to anybody. It’s like, if you say “Hey! How are you?” they’re just, like, “Mmmm.”

CHELSEA: I don’t know.

COLE: I think it’s a joke. I don’t like ’em any more.

CHELSEA: Alright! That’s enough! [We’ve had] too much drama for my night.

You just know that Chelsea had a serious talk with Cole later that night. “What, are you crazy? You can’t say ‘I don’t like ’em any more!’ You’re gonna get yourself stabbed like some balloon!”

UPDATE – Actually, it may have been Dr. Randy getting the “don’t be a balloon” lecture from Chelsea! Check out her tweet about the scene:

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