Chanel West Coast named Donkey of the Day by Charlamagne after she compares herself to Drake and Kanye on LHHH

Charlamagne and Chanel West Coast

Charlamagne Tha God and Chanel West Coast seemed to make peace after their explosive confrontation on the set of Ridiculousness back in June, but comments made by Chanel on last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood have seemingly reignited the feud as Charlamagne came back at her hard in his “Donkey of the Day” segment on The Breakfast Club today.

In case you missed it, Chanel West Coast is one of the new cast members on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and in last night’s episode she approached producer A1 about a potential collaboration. “I thought you was just a host,” A1 says when he is introduced to Chanel as a musician.

“That’s just kinda like my day job that pays the bills,” Chanel explains. “What I do is music.”

“The music, that sh!t should pay the bills,” A1 points out.

“Just so you can get familiar,” Chanel snaps back, “I was with Lil Wayne and Young Money. Like, I sat and played all my music for Lil Wayne, and I have songs with French Montana, Snoop, B-Real, Ty Dolla Sign — the list goes on.”

Then A1 drops a bit of a bomb on Chanel, revealing that he knew all along about her music career. “I met you before,” he says. “I wasn’t as hot. I was in a session with French Montana and I’m, like, ‘Yo, we should work.’ You had your shades on and, I don’t know, you probably never looked at me, but I was trying to work with you and you played me.”

We then see a rather jubilant A1 doing a voice over. “I just gave Chanel a taste of the industry! If you throw shade at somebody that’s coming up, that’s gonna come back and haunt you!”

A1 continue his conversation with Chanel: “You know, I hope the best for you. I can’t work with you.”

“I don’t know if you know my track record,” Chanel replies.

“Charlamagne said it, right?” A1 asks.

As you might imagine, Chanel gets a bit defensive. “Uh, no, I had to tell him what it was. Charlamagne has also went at some of the biggest rappers in history, so in my [BLEEP] I’m up there with Kanye and Drake and everybody else he puts down. You know what I’m saying? But listen, If Charlamagne is dissing Chanel West Coast, you’re just putting me up in the caliber of the motherf***ers you’re dissing.”

Chanel West Coast LHHH Kanye and Drake quote

Fast forward to this morning’s episode of The Breakfast Club in which Charlamagne introduces Chanel West Coast as his Donkey of the Day before giving everyone a refresher on their history by playing a clip from his Ridiculousness appearance.

Here’s the full segment followed by a transcript of what Charlamagne had to say:

“Chanel is hilarious,” Charlamagne says when the Ridiculousness clip ends. “Bless her little heart. The thing about Chanel West Coast is that she’s always talking about this imaginary resume she has. She’s always talking about this track record. She’s like the side chick who claims she’s the main chick, but when you ask the guys about it that she claims to be with, they don’t claim her like that.” Ouch! I’m just going to step out of the way and let Charlamagne say his peace:

Now last night on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Chanel West Coast is trying to convince a producer named A1 to do something that no producer really wants to do and that’s record music with her. Last night Chanel West Coast asked the producer A1 about helping her make some mayonnaise music. Yes, Chanel wanted to know if anyone is interested in helping her provide a soundtrack for her unseasoned chicken breast, and A1 had to remind her that “back in the day when I wanted to work with you, you played me.” Oh yes, we’ve heard this tale before: “Back then you didn’t want me, now I’m hot, they all on me.” That’s what happened with Chanel and A1 last night on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

That’s why you gotta treat everyone with respect because you never know who’s gonna be who. OK, basically A1 toad the deli owner to hold the mayonnaise. Now, when the mayo that is Chanel West Coast wasn’t allowed on A1’s sandwich, when she got introduced to a Tribe Called Curve, not only did she start running down her track record, it was interesting to see how she took me telling her that she was wack.

Chanel West Coast thinks that because I have called out Drake and Kanye before that, since I called her wack as well, she’s on their level. First of all, even though Drake has never been my cup of green tea, I’ve always said that he was an extremely talented individual. Just because I call Kanye West “Kanye Kardashian” and I think he’s in a sunken place, it does not mean I am not a fan! Kanye West is a musical legend. You, Chanel, are none of these things, alright? Let’s be clear on that.

There are four types of delusions in this world, right? You got bizarre delusions, non-bizarre delusions, mood congruent delusions, mood neutral delusions — I would say, Chanel, you fall under the bizarre delusions category. Somebody ask me what bizarre delusions are…bizarre delusions are considered extremely odd, highly implausible, and inappropriate based on the person’s culture and life experiences, OK?

An example of a bizarre delusions would be the belief that an alien performed surgery and replaced all your blood with Kool-Aid — without leaving a scar. OK? Or Chanel West Coast thinking she’s on the same level as Drake and Kanye West because Charlamagne has so-called “dissed” all of them. I have been very specific about any reason why I wasn’t feeling Drake and Kanye about something, but those guys are extremely talented. Just like with you Chanel, I think you’re a lovely person, but you’re just a wack artist. OK?

Charlamagne Chanel West Coast delusion quote

I think Donald Trump is wack, and I’ve said that he’s wack a bunch of times on this radio. But that don’t make you the President, does it Chanel? It doesn’t make you one of the highest politicians in the world, does it? Just because I diss you and Donald Trump.

Chanel, you’re a wack rapper, OK? You have done music with all of those people, you’ve got this long track record, and it’s got you absolutely nowhere. you have every musical cheat code known to man, and you keep failing. And you know what they say? When all else fails, there’s always delusion. Chanel, don’t go chasing Texas Pete, stick to the Hellmann’s and the Miracle Whip that you’re used to, please.

Meanwhile, Chanel seemed completely surprised by the backlash on social media and from Charlamagne as she took to Twitter to defend herself and her musical career. “People who know the least about you always have the most negative sh!t to say about you,” she shared moments ago. “Ignore them and stay true to yourself.”

I’ll wrap up the post by letting Chanel speak for herself in response to negative (and positive) tweets:

TWEETER: Why @chanelwestcoast said her track record is up there with Kanye West? Lmaoooo ??? #Ridiculousness #GirlBye #lhhhollywood #LHHH @VH1

CHANEL: i didn’t say that. I said someone dissing me along with the best just making me look like I’m up there with the best

CHANEL: Lmao at people twisting around my words and hating on me so hard. Let a b!tch live man damn. Why are people so angry? Smile more! ???

TWEETER: I liked you until tonight @chanelwestcoast for saying that dumb sh!t , talking bout u up there with Kayne & drake BIHHHH WHERE????

CHANEL: I said Charlamagne dissed me as well as dissing Kanye and Drake. That’s like putting me in the same category as them….so my point was, hey if your dissing Kanye and drake too then I ain’t mad at you dissing me also lol

TWEETER: NEVER EVER EVER argue with a D-List muthaf**ker…..
Your grind & history in this biz is NOTED & LEGENDARY !!

CHANEL: thank you luv ????❤️

TWEETER: Did this b!tch say that she’s high on the top like drake,Kanye like really your music is trash @chanelwestcoast #LoveAndHipHopHollywood

CHANEL: I said someone dissing me who also disses Kanye and Drake etc is just putting me in the same category as others they diss

CHANEL: I didn’t just “hey guys I’m as good as Kanye and Drake!” Lol like wtf is wrong with people twisting my words ???

CHANEL: Yo I’m literally dead AS F**K at how stupid people are!!!!!!! I NEVER said I’m as good as Drake or Kanye lmao are y’all DEAF????

CHANEL: I need to watch this episode of Love & Hip Hop from last night cuz I’m starting to think my words were edited completely out of context ?

CHANEL: I honestly can’t believe how much people believe sh!t on tv. Y’all need to wake up and realize a lot of what you think is REAL is NOT

CHANEL: Lol at haters “omg just stop rapping” ??? b!tch I’ve been doing music since I was 7 years old. Musicians don’t just stop making music…

CHANEL: Y’all can hate on me all you want it’s not going to stop me from making music and pursuing my life long passion…..

CHANEL: I didn’t start making music last year lol I’ve literally been a musician my WHOLE LIFE

CHANEL: Everybody wanna hate on people doing what they WISH they had the courage to do. Go out and follow YOUR dreams and let me follow mine ??

CHANEL: To everyone out their fighting a huge uphill battle I just want you to know not to give up. Stay focused. Fight for what you believe in

TWEETER: Quit trying to make yourself relevant by causing drama for f**k sakes, goback to laughing on robs show

CHANEL: go back to whatever the f**k you do. I’ll laugh everyday all day no matter what bet you wish you could get paid to laugh too

TWEETER: @chanelwestcoast b!tch what musical track record do you have. You’re the same b!tch that pops up saying transgender celebs you never knew ?

CHANEL: aww you must have a small d!ck trying to diss a woman. Small d!ck men love dissing women. F**k off you loser get a penis pump

TWEETER: @chanelwestcoast don’t let em get to you sis. F**k them you living YOUR dreams. What they doing

CHANEL: thanks boo appreciate that. Trying my best to ignore people ?????❤️

TWEETER: A1 works with Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, Omarion, Gucci Mane, etc. He’s got more than “LHHH clout.”

CHANEL: I have songs with and have worked with most those people myself too lol

TWEETER: Yo the way Marcus, and A1 was clowning @chanelwestcoast and @hazelebaby was SO RUDE, but very much called for ? like who are y’all? ? #LHHH

Chanel West Coast Charlamagne tweet 2017

CHANEL: lmao who are YOU??? I’m an artist who has worked with some of the greats in the business lol get familiar boo ✌? use google or something lol

TWEETER: But my advice to you is use google or a thesaurus or a dictionary because your music is wack or maybe a ghostwriter maybe Wayne can help ??

CHANEL: I think u should thoroughly listen to my music before you make ridiculous statements. Try my song ” Without You” girls like it or try my song One Night, Greatest Hit, Punch Drunk Love, Miles and Miles. If you like none of those I’ll be surprised lol

TWEETER: My 5 y.o. “does music”… yells gibberish into a mic. Doesn’t make her a musician. Stick to being Rob’s sidekick. We’ll tolerate the laugh.

CHANEL: when I was 5 I read at a 5th grade level lol I’ve been an actual musician since I was 7. Your kid ain’t me sorry

TWEETER: Its not that people are angry its your words and how you present yourself act like you have some kind of sense for Christ sakes ????

CHANEL: I do have some sense I can’t control how my words are edited out of context on tv. I’m not in the editing department lol

TWEETER: @chanelwestcoast said she up there with Kanye and Drake…. I never laughed so hard. ???

CHANEL: never said that. Not sure what they edited my words into but never made that statement in my life

TWEETER: #AcmdTv @cthagod gives @chanelwestcoast the Donkey of the day and it is rightly deserved in @ApexCotureMag here

CHANEL: no not rightly deserved AT ALL. TV edited my statement into something else. So have fun believing Bull sh!t lol ??

CHANEL: they made it seem like I said “I’m up there with drake and Kanye” ?????

CHANEL: literally dead watching that clip. TV editing is a funny ass thing

CHANEL: I wonder when people will read my tweets and listen to me when I say I DID NOT SAY IM UP THERE W/ DRAKE AND KANYE, my words were EDITED!!!

CHANEL: My words were edited down!!!!! The full sentence I said was NOT SHOWN so y’all have NO IDEA what I fully was saying……..

CHANEL: All these morons don’t know how TV works at all and seem to believe a sentence they heard on tv that was cut and pasted a certain way lol

CHANEL: Yo f**k all you haters I’m bout to drop the most fire song ever tonight. #StayTuned

TWEETER: She said she is up there with Kanye and Drake ????????????? girl bye

CHANEL: I said if Charlamagne is gunna diss Drake and Kanye then he basically saying I’m up there with Drake and Kanye….

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