Chace Crawford has Texas weed case dismissed

Chace Crawford Gossip Girl actor

It looks like Gossip Girl’s hunky Chace Crawford isn’t going after fellow Texan native Willie Nelson’s weed crown.

Chace was arrested way back in June of 2010 in his hometown of Plano, TX when an unlit fatty was discovered in a car in which he was the passenger. Wait a minute, dude was arrested simply because there was a joint not even being smoked in the car that he was riding in? Plano cops must have some free time on their hands…

Anywho, Chace actually had to cut a deal for this “offense” in which if he agreed to stay clean for a year and perform community service his case would be dismissed. His lawyer provided proof that the actor had done just that with over 80 hours of community service performed in a hospital and a church.

Let this be a lesson, be careful who and what you ride with, especially in Plano!


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