Meet Jennifer Jowett from season 2 of VH1’s “You’re Cut Off”

Jennifer Jowett "You're Cut Off."

VH1 has announced the cast for their upcoming second season of “You’re Cut Off” the enjoyable show that attempts to scare queen bees straight by severing their seemingly endless and undeserved sources of money. The show features the return of life coach Laura Baron as she tries to take 8 pampered princesses and show them there is more to life than pedicures and tanning sessions.

One of the 8 young women who will be cut off from mommy and daddy’s purse strings is Jenn Jowett, a stunning blond bikini bombshell from West Hollywood, California.  Be careful while you’re mesmerized by Jenn’s stunning features because she can bleed your bank account dry!  Here is a brief bio of Jenn courtesy of Vh1:

Jenn lives a pampered life supported by her parents. When she’s not flying to her family’s other homes in Florida, Las Vegas, or DC, Jenn spends much of her time poolside, getting a tan, or at the plastic surgeon’s office. She expects her weekly allowance to hit her bank account on time and only returned back to school so her parents wouldn’t make her get a job.

If going back to school to avoid a job means you need to get cut off I’ve got a lot of friends in trouble.  I wasn’t able to find out much about our artificially enhanced 28-year-old but I did come across a goldmine of bikini photos via her MySpace page.  If season 2 has any tasks involving a swimsuit contest I know who my front runner is.  Are you ready because Jenn is ready for you?!

Somehow I have a feeling that at least one camera in the “You’re Cut Off” house is going to be dedicated to Jenn and her “friends.”  To further amplify the street cred of Miss Jowett as a busty blond I submit to you the following photo of her with none other than Hugh Heffner.

before we took first in the easter egg hunt!!! whoop!!

In addition to her MySpace page Jenn has a Twitter account to help keep all of her new found fans up to date on the latest from Jowett’s world.

Stay tuned as we work on getting profile posts up for additional cast members of the upcoming season.