Top 10 quotes from You’re Cut Off season 2 premiere

It’s time for another season of mind blowing spoiled princess action from VH1’s queen bee straightening school of hard knocks You’re Cut Off.  We really enjoyed season one of the show that tries to teach young to-do princesses what happens when their seemingly undeserved source of endless money is cut off by their benefactors.  Season 2’s crop of spoiled brats look to be at least as rotten as the ladies from season 1 and possibly worse.  Heck, one of the girls doesn’t even make it through the first episode!

For a great taste of what is coming for season 2 of the show we present to you our 10 favorite quotes from the premiere episode “You’re So Not It Girl.”  These little tidbits of other worldly comments from our socianistas will tell you all you need to know about why being cut off is called for.


“Ugly people just annoy me so the one thing I always try to make sure I do is look amazing.”

Jenn Jowett


“I have a black AMEX card and you know you need to make millions and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to keep that card.”

Hana from VH1's "You're Cut Off"

“There is no way I’m going to be lifting anything, or screwing anything.”

Hana from "You're Cut Off" season 2


“What the hell is this?  It looks like somebody’s granny wants to die here.”

Aimee from "You're Cut Off" Aimee Johnson


“If you’re a waitress that’s your one job in this world; to get me my things when I need them.”

Marcy Guevera


“As far as my man, everybody’s got a mom and dad and all this other stuff.  I have a boyfriend who ‘claims’ that he’s cutting me off.  Surprise!  I’m single.  You’re cut off.”

Shakyra LaShae


“You just don’t want to break in on me.  That’s all I have to say.

Lauren Grissom


“I know I’m not stupid.  My high school GPA was like two-point-something but I’m not a handyman.”

Nadia Atiqi from Houston

“My life is very simple.  I wake up, my kid is already at day care so what is there to do for 8 hours?”

Nadia Atiqi


“Oh my God I have spent so much money on shoes.  If I had to estimate, oh my gosh I couldn’t even imagine, thousand and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.  Plus I had to turn an entire bedroom into like a boutique.”

Jessica Koussevitzky

If you haven’t caught the entire premiere episode for Season 2 of You’re Cut Off or if you just want to relive all the pampered princess madness, including who leaves and a secret mystery reveal at the end check it out in full here: