Who is Pamela Lynn Blazewski from VH1’s You’re Cut Off?

Photo: Vh1 Promo

So who is the brunette bombshell from the NYC that is all smiles in the princesss pink above? That folks is Pamela Lynn Blazewski from Vh1’s reality show You’re Cut Off. I did a little digging and found out some information (other than her last name) on the lovely Miss Pamela. Here is some of the info I found.

Pamela has her own website for starters. It is humbly called Pamelicious in the 212. 212 refers to her phone area code which is for Manhattan. In an interesting side note, Manhattan was given this number back in 1947 because it was the fastest to dial on a rotary phone (At the time, 0 and 1 were not allowed as the first digit, the second digit was either 0 or 1, and the third digit could not be the same as the second digit). But I’m sure Pamelicious knew this when she named her website.

It looks like she launched this site in anticipation of You’re Cut Off so there isn’t much content yet. Categories to browse include: All About Me Naturally, Scene And Be Seen, Shopping, Wine & Dine and Contact. She calls her entourage her “Pamalouge” which I just love. Pamelicious in the 212 is a firecracker I tell ya! Here is what she says under the All About Me Naturally:

“You wanna be this Queen B P but cha cant be,  that’s why ya mad at me!  Wanna know about me do you ?  Well, your just going to have to wait to find out!  In the mean time check out my other pages to see what I drive , where I go and how I live my life , the high life , the good life!”

Here is a side by side of two photos from her Twitter page:

Her brief bio on the You’re Cut Off page only verifies what her website and twitter account indicate:

Pamela is a New Yorker who says she used to be a princess, but has upgraded herself to queen. From furs to yachts to the finest champagne, Pamela knows how to spend her family’s money.

I think a comment from her Twitter page sums up Pamelicious’ feelings about her new reality star life:

Good luck to Pamelicious in the 212! Don’t forget to check out my previous posts on show host / life coach Laura Baron and cast member Erica Rose.