You’re Cut Off’s Jennifer Jowett blames DUI on life coach Laura Baron

Laura Baron Jennifer Jowett

Arguably the most controversial pampered princess featured in Season 2 of VH1’s You’re Cut Off is Jennifer Jowett.  Jowett has made headlines recently for a DUI arrest that occurred the night of the show’s premiere.  According to TMZ the take-no-crap queen bee is singling out show host and life coach Laura Baron as the reason for the arrest!

Jowett, who we featured before the season began in a bikini photo fest, told TMZ the following in regards to her arrest and experience with the show:

“This life coach pretended to have my best interest at heart….but she doesn’t even have a degree to be a life coach” … adding, “I came out of the show a lot more unstable than when I went in. I don’t know what to do … I need some real professional help.”

As for the DUI connection to Baron, Jowett claimed that she had to leave her apartment the night of the premiere because of the way she felt she was going to be portrayed on the show, especially scenes that included Baron.

For a little taste of the drama that Jowett is talking about between herself and the host / life coach here is a clip from episode 3 in which Jowett is asked to leave by Baron following an expletive threat. Jowett follows up this dismissal with a garbage can throwing, smoke demanding and camera pushing tirade:

So what do you think about Jen’s claim that Laura Baron caused her to leave her apartment while intoxicated and drive?