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How much did Jordan Mason borrow for Everton business venture? LOVE IN PARADISE

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise star Jordan Mason shocked her gal pals when she revealed on camera that she had taken out a home equity line of credit to finance a business venture in Grand Cayman with her Caribbean captain bae Everton.

Jordan says she “transferred six figures” to buy the land for the business venture, but she didn’t go into any further details on the amount. How much did Jordan send? We dug up some receipts!

LOVE IN PARADISE Jordan Mason was married, divorced years AFTER hooking up with Everton?

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise nudist Jordan Mason seems to bare everything (literally) about her long-term relationship with Caymanian captain bae, Everton. However, there is one small thing she hasn’t mentioned about their 12-year “on and off” relationship — Jordan was married to someone else right in the middle of it!

Keep reading for the exclusive details!

LOVE IN PARADISE Aryanna and Sherlon update: What’s their status?

90 Day Fiancè: Love in Paradise introduced viewers to Aryanna and Sherlon who met when Aryanna traveled on vacation to Jamaica. Aryanna brought home an unexpected souvenir from her vacation, however, their son Odin. Viewers watched as Aryanna struggled to long distance co-parent with Sherlon and she brings Odin to Jamaica to meet his father for the first time. What is their current status?

90 DAY FIANCE Love In Paradise Aryanna & Sherlon spoilers, baby details

The newest installment of the 90 Day Fiance franchise is here, and we’ve already got some spoilers for you! Aryanna is a 25-year-old woman from Illinois and Sherlon is a 35-year-old man from Jamaica runs a boat tour business. Oh, and he also works at a swingers club! When filming begins, Aryanna is making plans to return to Jamaica to try to convince Sherlon to return with her to the United States to marry her and…raise their unborn baby! Keep reading to find out what we know about the couple, including an update om the baby!