MUG SHOT 16 and Pregnant’s Weston Gosa arrested yet again

16 and Pregnant Weston Gosa mugshot photo December 2013

16 and Pregnant Season 1 star Weston Gosa (above) has once again run afoul of the law in Floyd County, Georgia, and as a result, we have yet another addition to his ever-growing hairbrush-averse mug shot collection!

24-year-old Weston, who is the father of Whitney Purvis’ son Weston, Jr., was arrested December 19 for speeding and driving with a suspended license and was later charged with a probation violation as well. (The Ashley talked with a Floyd County “pal” who reveals there was an outstanding warrant for Weston’s arrest.)

TMZ reported earlier today that Weston is “currently being held at the Floyd County Jail in Rome, GA on a $1,710 bond.”

Weston Gosa (I think I am going to start calling him Aweston Gosa) is almost like clockwork with a new mug shot popping up pretty much every six months since July of 2012. Here is a timeline of Aweston’s mug shot photos, including my favorite featuring him looking as though he has fallen asleep in front of the booking camera. I call that one “Wezzzzzzzton Gozzzzzzzzza.”

16 & Pregnant Weston Gosa mugshot photos

For the full mug shots and details on Weston’s previous arrests, just click the dates:

July, 2012: Weston is arrested after crashing his car while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Police found Xanax and Lorcet in his possession.

December, 2012: Weston is arrested alongside Whitney Purvis for allegedly smashing up some electronic equipment — i.e. a laptop and a cell phone.

June, 2013: Weston was arrested for an outstanding warrant. Details about why a warrant was issued are still not known, though it is assumed it was some sort of probation violation stemming from his previous arrests.

And in other Whitney and Weston legal issues news…

March, 2012: Whitney Purvis was arrested for allegedly stealing a pregnancy test from a Walmart. She later gave her side of what happened.

June, 2011: Whitney’s mom April Michelle was arrested after being pulled over by police who noticed the smell of marijuana. A drug-sniffing dog later found a small amount of pot as well as a substance believed to be methamphetamine.

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