Pink channels Rosie the Riveter drops “Raise Your Glass” video

Pink as Rosie the Riveter

Pink is one of the most adept chameleons in the pop singer universe.  She is able to take on varying personas and styles with a proven streak of highly successful results.  In her most recent video for the single “Raise Your Glass” she channels the iconic imagery of a true American hero: Rosie the Riveter.

The term Rosie the Riveter is believed to have first come from the 1942 song by the same name written by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb.  The song portrays Rosie as a tireless assembly line worker doing her part to help America and the allies achieve victory in WWII.  The actual gal who was the inspiration for the song is Rosalind P. Walter, who was born into a wealthy family but spent her evenings helping to construct fighter planes for the war effort.

Here is the clip just released for Pink’s single “Raise You Glass” that is part of a greatest hits package set for release on November 16th:

In addition to the new single  “Raise Your Glass,” Greatest Hits… So Far!!! will feature 15 of the singer’s most popular tracks including “Get the Party Started” and “Just Like a Pill.”

Pink is currently nominated for 2 People’s Choice Awards – Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Pop Artist.  If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Greatest Hits… So Far!!! you can head on over to Amazon and pre-order a copy or click one of these links: