Harry Styles on potentially dating a man: Don’t knock it till you try it

Harry Styles Sexuality

Harry Styles says he doesn’t discriminate when finding someone to have a relationship with — at least when it comes to gender.

During an interview with the U.K.’s On Demand Entertainment earlier this month, host Lucy Jones asked Harry and bandmate Liam Payne what their favorite traits are in a girl. Liam was the first to pipe up, saying, “Female. That’s an important trait.”

But Harry disagreed, saying that’s “not that important.” Instead, he said he most appreciates when a person has a sense of humor and is “nice to people.”

Then, during another interview with The Sun, the One Direction guys suggested who Niall Horan should hook up with during their tour. Harry first recommended Ariana Grande, but when the reporter asked which men Niall should consider, Harry said, “Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.”

Even though Harry is clearly very open-minded about sexuality and is an advocate for LGBT rights, he largely dismissed rumors he’s bisexual or gay in 2013 when he told British GQ he was “pretty sure” he isn’t personally attracted to men.

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