Teen Mom Jenelle Evans uploads a new batch of videos to Youtube

Kieffer Delp gets a large skull with wings tattooed on his chest

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans must not like the videos of herself currently circulating online, which include the infamous brutal “Teen Mom Brawl” clip as well as her smokin’ a funny looking cigarette with best “bud” Tori, so she diluted the market yesterday with a fresh batch of Youtube clips featuring herself, boyfriend (and partner-in-crime) Kieffer Delp, and her son Jace.

When I first saw that she had uploaded 7 new videos I admit I was excited! Jenelle has a well-documented history of not really caring what people think about what she does so there was absolutely no telling what was going to be in the videos. (A bank robbery? Shaving a kitten? Shaving her own head?)

Sadly the clips are a bit on the boring side, with the most exciting thing being a couple rather adorable videos of Jace, who seems to be doing quite well given the catastrophically unstable environment he appears to be living in.

Here’s Jace having a little fun with Jenelle’s boyfriend (and partner in crime) Kieffer Delp and a bottle titled “my baby boys :]” which included the description, “kieffer and jace playing around i loveeee themmmmm. :P”

I really gotta give Jace some props! He’s the happiest go lucky little boy since Bentley! Here he is again with the description “Jace playing around with the mtv camera mans leg, hahaha:”

Perhaps the most exciting news-wise of the bunch is this short video of Kieffer getting a HUGE tattoo of some sort of winged skull on his chest. (The Delper doesn’t seem very comfortable!) This one was called “kieffer getting tatted uppp ” with the description, “hahaha kieffer getting his chest piece done. OUCHHHHH!”

Here are a couple videos taken by Jenelle Evans when she arrived at the airport in Los Angeles and shows the massive amounts of paparazzi that were there waiting for her! (You can see another clip of the frenzy from the paparazzi’s perspective HERE and some of the resulting photos HERE)

paparazzi #1

^ “this is coming out of LAX Airport when arriving in LA for the reunion, it was INSANE, other video under paparazzi #2”

paparazzi #2

^ “paparazzi video number 2, after getting out of the airport and waiting in the car to head to the hotel… hahaha still going at it”

Jenelle also uploaded a video of her television set during an Inside Edition piece about her in which they show clips from the Teen Mom Brawl as well as Britany Truett’s battered face and claim Jenelle may be addicted to the bad behaviors we see on the television show, to which Jenelle offers a number of voice-over comments such as “Not really.” (The clip features a lot of copyrighted material so you’ll have to hop over to Youtube to see it.)

The last video was the most promising, but ultimately the most disappointing. It’s titled “getting hair done” and has the enticing description, “getting my hair done and getting it dried under this weird ass heater, lol. i didnt mean to start recording. pointless video but i like it. :]”

Alas, the clip is less than two seconds long!

And, just in case you missed it the first time around, here is Jenelle’s now-infamous performance of Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK:”