Is Joy-Anna Forsyth the next Duggar to move to Los Angeles?

Joy-Anna Forsyth recently visited her sister Jinger Vuolo at her home in Los Angeles, California. While its shocking enough the idea of one Duggar living there, the 19 Kids and Counting star came home and alluded to a future move on her Youtube vlog.

Is Joy-Anna moving to the big city?

Joy-Anna Forsyth

Currently Joy-Anna Forsyth lives in Arkansas, the home state where her and her fellow Counting On siblings were raised. They used to live in an RV in the small, cozy town where they reside, but recently she and husband Austin Forsyth purchased a real house.

Buying a home usually means putting down your roots, but the Forysth’s recently made waves when they suggested they may be moving to the big city of LA. Following a trip to visit Becoming Free Indeed author Jinger Vuolo, Joy-Anna shared a cheeky message on her YouTube vlog.

Los Angeles bound

Jinger Duggar moved to California with her husband Jeremy Vuolo in July 2019. Fans may remember that Jinger always wanted to live in a bigger city, but her fundie family shot her down saying she just wanted to live “closer to  Walmart.”

Looks like Vuolo proved her family wrong because she has no doubt settled herself in Los Angeles, recently purchasing a $830,000 house.

Joy-Anna Forsyth recently visited her sister’s new house in the liberal city, and we have to wonder if she’ll be the next Duggar sibling to ‘become free.’

Duggar sister’s trip

Joy-Anna documented the trip to visit the Vuolo’s in a YouTube video titled “We Flew ACROSS THE COUNTRY“. During their stay they celebrating son Gideon’s birthday and enjoyed being outside in the warm weather.

When the Forsyth’s returned they made another YouTube video… this time with the teasing title “Should We Move to LA?

While it sounds like The Forsyths are serious about their move, turns out it was all a joke. In the video description from February 24, they finished the title of the video as “Should We Move to LA… Nah!

Looks like the Forsyths are staying put in Arkansas, close to where the pair grew up.

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