Brett Favre has more text message “bad intentions”

Another Brett Favre sex text scandal!

Reeling from the crotch photos story that broke in October, Brett Favre is in trouble again over his provocative text messages.

Two former massage therapists who worked for the New York Jets in 2008, Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole, are suing the football player for sexual harassment. Scavo complains of  being treated “like a hanging slab of meat,” and that Brett sent texts to an unidentified therapist asking for a threesome with the therapist and Scavo.

He wrote: “Brett here, you and Crissy want to get together, I’m all alone. Kinda lonely tonight, I guess I have bad intentions.”

Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole were not hired back by the Jets after raising a stink over Favre’s sexual advances, and they’re also suing their ex-boss Lisa Ripi over the situation.  The lawsuit alleges that Ripi wrote the following in response to Scavo’s complaints about Favre’s behavior:

“There are ways to handle things in a professional manner and ways to be compensated not in public. … All this nonsense is unnecessary.

For sure feel horrible that u had to go thru that [with] a pervert…however I truly wish you would’ve come forward at the time it happened.

I’ve been up there 13 years without anything that happened to me on tmz…cause it was handled internally the way it should be.”

According to the lawsuit Scavo’s husband Joseph confronted Favre and asked for an apology, but his attempt at communication was ignored by both Favre and his wife Deanna.

That’s when the Jets stopped hiring Christina and Shannon, and they’ve since felt compelled to bring a lawsuit because they were essentially fired for complaining about sexual harassment, and asking to be treated with respect at their jobs.

Source, GMA via The Superficial