Botched Season 3 trailer: Did Farrah Abraham have breast reduction surgery?

Botched Season 3 Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif

It’s more big boobs, big butts, big lips, and big hearts as Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif return for a third season of Botched on October 6. Judging from the Season 3 preview trailer, it looks like lots of new plastic surgery debacles courtesy of discount procedures south of the border–and even one procedure performed by a dentist?!

So tell us how this all came to pass,” Dr. Terry Dubrow says at the beginning of the clip.

“I went down to Tijuana,” begins a potential blonde female patient.

“That is the CLASSIC eff up!” says Terry.

Later Terry could be heard incredulously asking another patient, “Your DENTIST did your nose job?!”

I didn’t have a post-op appointment,” reveals another hopeful patient. Paul laughs aloud and Terry cracks, “A surgical one-night stand.”

Farrah Abraham Botched Season 3

In addition to the new faces and other body parts, viewers will also apparently be seeing a familiar face (and other body parts) in the form of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham! Farrah, who famously appeared in Season 2 after her headline-grabbing botched lip implant procedure, can be seen very briefly in the Season 3 trailer, although it is unclear what she is there for.

Many online commenters view her appearance on the new season as potential confirmation that Farrah had her breast implants reduced. That rumor started after the 24-year-old reality star tweeted this bikini photo last month in which her breasts appear to have gotten smaller compared to earlier photos:

The photo was actually taken back in May when Farrah hosted Ditch Fridays at the Palms Pool and Dayclub in Las Vegas. Here are a couple pairs of side-by-side photos featuring Farrah at the Palms in May (black bikini with fluorescent splatter paint) and her previous appearance (at her most boobyful) at the Sapphire Pool and Day Club in June of 2013: Farrah Abraham breast reduction before after photos Farrah Abraham boobs I suppose it could be the swimsuit, or the lighting, but it certainly looks like Farrah’s breasts are a little less huge in the more recent photos. (You can also see where Farrah had her chin implant removed!) So–what do you think? Did Farrah have her boobs downsized or not? As far as why Farrah is appearing on Botched again, we’ll all just have to tune in to Season 3 to find out! The premiere episode airs Tuesday, October 6 at 9/8c on E!

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