Biniyam’s sister Wish says Ariela asked her to sell her eggs and join OnlyFans?

90 Day Fiance Ariela with Biniyam's wine-tossing sister Wish

In Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Biniyam’s sisters Wish and Mimi got into a heated argument with Ariel. The altercation was over the fact that Biniyan did not tell his family that his American visa was approved until the night before he was supposed to leave Ethiopia. Tensions continued to rise until Biniyam’s sister Wish threw a glass of red wine in Ariela’s face, after which, she and her sister Mimi left.

Soon after the episode aired, Mimi and Wish took to Instagram to express their anger at show producers for “racist” editing that left out the real reason(s) they were angry at Ariela.

Mimi posted a short video clip in her Instagram stories of what looks to be herself and a show producer having drinks together. “When they kiki with u just to go and edit the narrative when they begged to give u a platform to reveal some insane ass secrets,” Mimi wrote over top of the clip. She added a laughing emoji and finished by writing: “#anythingforviews i guess #corny #behind the 🎭 drama #90dayfiance.”

Biniyam's sister Wish on Instagram calling out 90 Day Fiance editing

Mimi also posted a photo of the 90 Day Fiance logo on her Instagram feed with a red “x” through it. “This most fake and racist show in the name of reality,” she wrote in the caption. She concluded with hash tags for the show and three vomiting emoji.

Wish shared a screen cap of her sister’s post and added: “Me think the editor is from the KKK 🏃🏿‍♂️”

As you would imagine, Biniyam’s sisters’ posts had lots of fans wanting to know more information about the “insane ass secrets” that were allegedly edited out of the scene.

Wish later did a live YouTube interview with Kiki and Kibbitz to explain. (Video included at the bottom of this post.) “They usually editing so much, but last night they edited so — like, it was crazy, you know?” Wish said in English, her second language. “They edited too much, and they just push the angry black woman narrative while they protecting her, and that’s why we was mad.”

Wish said that producers edited out the real reason they were fighting with Ariela. What was the real reason? Ariela wanted Wish to follow in Biniyam’s footsteps and relocate to America, which was not something Wish wanted. Wish also claimed that Ariela has a 50-year-old nanny and that Ariela wanted Wish to sell her eggs to the nanny. (Wait, is Angela Deem Ariela’s nanny?! 😂)

“This woman she asked me to do OnlyFans and also selling my, like, my eggs for her years older nanny,” Wish stated in the interview. “That’s how actually low she think I am, you know? So that was really make me upset.”

Later in the interview, Wish summed up her side of the story:

[Ariela] was coming up told me like she cared for me and she wanted me to learn nursing and give me job in America, but in real life what she do is, like, she told me sell my eggs for her nanny. She loves her nanny, actually. She love her nanny more than her husband, that’s the fact…we always confused and she always involved them on their relationship.

In addition to information about her fight with Ariela, Wish also wanted to point out that she and Mimi supported Biniyam’s decision to move to America. “To be honest, we was really happy that Biniyam has a visa because he have to see his first son. That’s very important for him.”

In case you missed it, Biniyam was previously married to another American woman. They also had a child together — a boy born in February, 2017. The couple would later split up and Biniyam has reportedly not seen his son in years.

Wish also pointed out that she and Mimi usually keep their distance from Biniyam and Ariela. “We don’t involve in their relationship that much, we just meet for the camera and the family events,” she said.

Here’s the full interview video:

And here is the infamous Ariela wine tossing scene from 90 Day Fiance:

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