90 DAY FIANCE Jason Hitch cancels divorce from Cassia, withdraws petition for dissolution of marriage

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch Cassia Tavares back together? Divorce cancelled

We broke the news late last month that 90 Day Fiance couple Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares were officially headed for divorce after the paperwork was filed in Florida at the end of January. It appears that the couple may be looking to give their relationship another go, however, as Jason recently withdrew the divorce filing!

According to court records, Jason withdrew the petition for dissolution of their marriage on March 15. The voluntary dismissal was granted the same day, and the divorce proceedings were officially marked “closed.”

Jason seemed to be hinting at a reconciliation by being uncharacteristically vague when asked about whether or not the divorce had been finalized on Facebook. “So you are divorced now?” a friend asked Jason on Wednesday. “We can talk offline about it,” Jason replied.

Back on March 20, another friend commented that she was glad to see Jason posting again on Facebook, to which Jason responded: “Things are changing. For the good.”

Jason Hitch Cassia Tavares beach

Given what I know from Jason and Cassia’s history, I am guessing that she has agreed to give the relationship another go, but only if Jason stops talking about their personal business on social media. Despite agreeing to be on 90 Day Fiance more than three years ago, Cassia now wants to live her life without all the 90 Day Fiance attention. She continues to work towards receiving her bachelor’s degree, which she should have later this year.

In her statement to us about her split from Jason, she stated: “As for Jason, I am not sure what to say. ‘I wish him the best?’ I don’t know. I wish him what is fair. Let the Universe decide what is fair.”

I will end things there and say that I wish the best for both Jason and Cassia. I hope Jason is able to do what it takes to make his marriage to Cassia fair for him — and vice versa. 😉

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