Below Deck Med’s Jen Riservato was on Double Shot At Love with the Ikki Twins

Below Deck Jen Riservato Double Shot At Love

Bravo’s new luxury yacht drama spin-off Below Deck: Mediterranean premieres Tuesday night and will introduce fans to the crew of the Ionian Princess. The cast isn’t all reality show greenhorns, however. Fans of the show’s flagship series will recognize chef Ben Robinson, and fans of old school MTV reality TV might remember deckhand Jennifer Riservato from when she competed for the love and attention of the “Icki Twins” on Double Shot At Love!

For those you who aren’t fans of old school MTV reality TV, Double Shot At Love was a spin-off of MTV’s popular romance reality series A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. It aired from 2008 to 2009 and featured 12 men and 12 women vying for the hearts of bisexual twins Rikki (Erica Mongeon) and Vikki (Victoria Mongeon).

Here is Jen Riservato’s official cast photo and bio from the show:

Jen Riservato Double Shot At Love cast

Lanky lifeguard Jen is hoping to rescue the Ikki twins from a sea of scary male suitors. It took just one botched date with a guy to make the Westbury, N.Y., native realize she is a lesbian, and she has little patience for girls who are “dabbling” when it comes to dating women. For Jen, there’s no better mating match than a fellow female. So, is this her chance at A Double Shot at Love?


Jen was fast out of the gate, as she was featured in a hot makeout session during the very first episode! The liplocking took place while Jen was in her first one-on-one conversation with Rikki. “I’m completely lesbian,” Jen says at the beginning of her segment.

“And your parents know?” asks Rikki.

“Yeah,” says Jen. “They’re accepting.”

“That’s cool.”

“My girlfriends are usually pretty,” Jen says as she starts to laugh, “and my dad understands it.”

Rikki then has a voice over in which she sings Jen’s praises: “I love that Jen has such a strong personality and she’s definitely here for the right reasons. And did I mention that she’s super sexy?”

Viewers are taken back to the Jen and Rikki convo, in which Jen awkwardly asks, “Hey, how about a little kiss on the cheek?”

“A kiss on the cheek?” Rikki asks. “How about a kiss on my cheek?” she adds, and offers up her left cheek.

Jen goes in to deliver the peck, but Rikki pulls a fast one as soon as Jen closes her eyes, and, instead of kissing Rikki’s cheek, Jen finds herself lip-to-lip! Jen doesn’t skip a beat, though, and soon she and Rikki are delivering some SERIOUS PG-13 girl-on-girl smoochegery!

Jennifer Riservato Double Shot At Love kissing Rikki

“We definitely had a connection, Rikki and I,” said Jen in a voice over. “And she kissed me. For a while!”

Unfortunately, Jen’s rabbit-like ways didn’t help her in the long run, as she was eliminated on the third episode. Perhaps she will have more luck with one of the other hot ladies on the Ionian Princess? Tune in to episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo!

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